Concerts and Events

Weird Topic.

I apologize, I’m sitting alone in a gallery and the only thing I can think of to entertain myself is to write about the vast amount of things that come into my head.

I go to concerts often.
And you ask, what type of concerts?
Well I love heavy metal concerts mostly.

My favorite bands include A day to remember, Emery, August Burns Red, For Today, Mice of Men, and several others.

Why heavy metal?
For a variety of reasons.

These bands don’t talk about sex, or drugs, or having sex (did I say that) or how they feel when they see a stripper (which is a whole other topic. Like, go google some lyrics and be inspired by how many fucking rap songs are based on some dude being horny about a girl at a strip club… its strangely fascinating and.. gross all at the same time).
The particular bands that I like have depth in their lyrics, and regardless of people thinking its ‘the devil’s music,’ the lyrics are 12 times more inspiring than any of that shit on the radio.

I tend to stick to ‘christian’ heavy metal, and by that I mean people who are ‘christian’ that don’t necessarily sing about God, but for sure stay away from the mainstream topics.
I myself, am not sure where I stand on religion or ‘God,’ but, I do like inspiring lyrics that give me a sense of hope that I can change this corrupt place we call home.

For Today has a song, that during the concert, I got goosebumps, even though it was a good 120 degrees in that venue.
There is a part in the song that says, “Go, take your flame, ignite the world.”
Now, he screams this, but everyone pulled out their cell phone or lighter, and it just made my world a whole lot better.

I also think the screaming adds a ton of passion. Which I don’t get from other concerts.

I went to a 21 pilots concert not to long ago.
I do enjoy them a lot.
I find them extremely talented (they were playing REAL instruments, and banging on snare drums) and you can tell they had been classically trained at one point in their life.
Their lyrics also have a lot to do with dealing with mental anxiety, depression and illness, which is nice to hear too… and gives a lot of people hope and reassurance that they aren’t alone.

But back to my main point about this.

Have you ever thought about how fucking strange concerts actually are?

You go to a venue with hundreds or THOUSANDS of other people. Trusting that the person next to you is just there to enjoy the music as you are.
The preshow bands come on. You clap. You may find them decent or you may find them terrible and you clap out of generosity of their time provided to be there.

Then your band that you are there for steps on stage.
The uproar from the fans is insane.
The girl next to you starts almost crying because the lead singer walks on stage.


Lead singer.
He acts like the main squeeze for the whole show because he sings.
The fans typically like the lead singer the most.

Music begins.
He starts clapping in a way to get audience to clap.
Audience claps.

“Get this circle pit fucking moving,”
circle pit moves.

“I want to see everyone jumping, right now, off your feet.”
Audience begins to jump until awkward point in the song that leaves everyone confused on if they should keep jumping.

During the 21 pilots concert – he was moving from stage to stage (i dont know how without running into things, it was fucking dark), and the fans would light up when the spot light went to him… but when he took off his mask (in a dramatic fashion I might add), they went even more insane… and it was weird, but cool… but weird… all at the same time.

Our idealization with bands and lead singers is a strange one.
Now we may admire the whole band, but its the lead singer that gives a particular face to the band.

The last time I was at a concert I just stood there, and observed what I subject myself to.
I love them.
I do.
I like jumping up and down and obnoxiously screaming and singing words that inspire me.
I like taking videos of the chaos of the masses.
I love it all.

But it really is a strange thing to step back and view.

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