Rape Culture.


No one likes this topic.
Luckily, I’m not going to go into anything political…
Just wanted to read off some stats that I found were repulsive and astounding at the same time.

These are taken from The Beauty Myth, as well as other articles I have read.
Our problem as a society, is not putting the blame where blame is due.


In 1986, UCLA did  a study that reported that 30 percent of college men said that they would rape a woman if they could get away with it.
When the words were changed to “force a woman to have sex,” the percentage went up to 58 percent.


Further on, 114 men were surveyed, undergraduates at a college.
These replies emerged.

“I like to dominate woman,” 91.3%
“I enjoy the conquest part of sex.” 86.1%
“Some women look like they’re just asking to be raped.” 83.5%
“I get excited when a woman struggles over sex.” 63.5%
“It would be excited to use force to subdue a woman.” 61.7%

…. What?

This is real life people.
Why has society allowed us to think that this is okay?

In another survey at another college conducted by Ms. Magazine, reported that 1 in 12 men or 8 percent of respondents have raped or tried to rape a woman since the age of 14. It was linked to those who committed or tried to commit the act more often were those who frequently were involved with pornography (watching, reading).

The trends for women who have been assaulted, or forced to do any sexual manner is even more staggering, disturbing and sad. With that being said, women are four times more likely to be raped by an acquaintance, not a stranger.

Just reading things like this, that open up our eyes to this double standard we exist in daily, is horrific, yet influential.

Yet, the more that men read this, the more the word gets out.
If you are a man, and you are standing up and speaking out against this; thank you. You are the voice that people will listen to.

unfortunately, us “feminist” who really just want the same rights and less objectification are just seen as radical and stupid, although the ones calling us these names are just naive and close minded.

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