Yeah, sex.

This isn’t about me personally, don’t be mistaken by my title. It is in fact, about some ideas of women, and themselves, that society has altered and made terrible for women.

The Beauty Myth, is a fantastic book that puts these realities into perspective.

65 percent of women hate their bodies. A third of women in the world are HIGHLY dissatisfied with their bodies. They hate pornography, not because of the explicit images, but because they find themselves hatefully comparing their bodies to those photoshopped images.
When it actually comes to sex – get this.

70-77% of women have achieved orgasms at some point in their life.
However, 30 percent have only experienced this without focusing on their ‘clitoris,’
19 percent had focusing stimulation;
29% have never achieved one, and 15% don’t masturbate at all.
But this isn’t because it isn’t human,
it’s because it’s frowned upon.

Just think about the way women and men are raised,
Who are encouraged to masturbate?
who are encouraged to believe that its normal?

It sure as hell isn’t women.

The beauty myth wants to discourage women from seeing themselves as beautiful, as sexually beautiful, no, we have to be disgusted with ourselves, and that involves touching ourselves.

Just think about the way society is laid out.

It’s 100 degrees, who is allowed to take off their shirts.
It isn’t women.
Men’s nipples are equally as sexual, but women’s are more.
Women are ‘ugly’ where they get stretch marks, men are not. Men get them,
around their arms, stomachs, legs, but when we get them, we’re repulsive.

Women’s breasts have to be perfectly symmetrical, but men’s genitals sure aren’t.
Men can look unpleasant, taste unpleasant and look perfectly alarming; but women love them any ways…
it sure doesn’t happen the other way around.

“Men’s dread of being objectified in the way they have objectified women is probably unfounded; if both genders were given the choice of seeing the other as a combination of sexual object and human being, both would recognize that fulfillment lies in excluding neither term (The Beauty Myth).”

Objectification is probably one that pisses me off more. Luckily there are dumb movies like Magic Mike that have come out that slightly put this back into equal realms… but not really, because we have a good 160 years to make up for it.

As little girls grow up – they watch movies. These movies involve boys, touching a girls thigh, looking at her breasts for the first time. This vision over and over teaches women not to desire but to be desired. That means women are taught to only focus on their body and the man’s desire.

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