Cats and Laffy Taffy

So Unfortunately

I can’t ignore the world and what is going on.
But I am not going to get into the details of events… mostly rage about the people that talk about these events.

Luckily, opinions aren’t qualified or even recognized by the academic academy as true knowledge, or even remotely a hint that someone is educated.

Why? Well everyone has an opinion.
Opinions are skewed.
Opinions are not factual.
In fact, everyone has one that is usually bias and based on their upbringing.

But here is what is on my mind with all of this bullshit going on.

First of all.
I am white.
Going to make that clear observation.
I am not racist.
I am not homophobic.
I am a photographer.
I photograph LGBT weddings.
I photograph African Americans’ weddings.
I don’t believe one person can speak truths about a population.

One bad egg, does not mean the rest are rotten.

One muslim killing others, does not mean all muslims’ want us dead.

In fact, it breaks my heart, that a lot of these individuals fled their country to ours, in fear, and in hope of getting away from BAD THINGS happening around them.

One ‘gangsta’ does not make all African Americans’ out to commit crime.

One white boy rapist who swims for a swim team and gets off with a nasty crime, who potentially owns 51 pair of boat shoes, does not mean that all of us own boat shoes.

I’m just kidding on that last one.
But seriously, white doesn’t mean racist.
Or a rapist.

In fact, that kid is seriously just the perfect definition of a shitty person.

Being mexican doesn’t mean that every mexican works under the table on a farm somewhere.

I am so tired of these stupid fucking stereotypes.

My best friend is mexican, and he works for a jeweling company. Best jeweler I know. Best person I know.

I guess what I want you to know – is I am a progressive individual. Who thinks about these issues often.
So let’s move on to why I am writing this post.

First off.
I fucking hate this #alllivesmatter bullshit.
Just because there is a hashtag trending about Black lives, doesn’t mean everyone has to make it about their god damn selves.
That’s our culture though.

That mean’s that they are the ones that need help right now.
My best friend explained it this way to me, “if your neighbors house is burning down, that doesn’t mean you get water for yours first, it means you help them.”
Same scenario.
They are the ones in fear right now.
and I have said it to myself many times as I have been driving, or speeding, and have not been pulled over, “it’s probably because I am a white female…”
Wrong? Maybe.
Some truth to it? Definitely.

Now. Onto this fucking cop shit going around.
One bad cop does not make them all bad cops.

In fact, quite the contrary.
First off, I would hate it if my husband worked for any type of judicial system, or justice. You would seriously have to worry about them day in and day out.
I have had more good interactions with cops than bad.
Maybe because I am a white female,
or hey, maybe because most people sign up for the job to “serve and protect,” people.

If you break your arm and go to a surgeon, who fucks it up.
Probably doesn’t mean that all surgeons don’t know what they are doing.
Means, you went to a shitty one.

There are bad people in every profession.
There are photographers that photograph for their marketing only and could give two shits about what you actually get.
There are greedy people.
There are crazy people.
There are creepy people.

So maybe this is a thing.
or maybe again, this is what those rating filled media systems are weeding through, to get you know, ratings and views.

You honestly think our world is worse now?
Do you remember WW2 and what that was about.
Do you remember when we enslaved millions of people for death?
Have you heard of the times where people were put in rings for entertainment until death, just for some sort of enjoyment for people?

Have you looked at history?
Now although we have murders going on.
Do you really think that is any fucking different from a thousand years ago.

Maybe our intentions have become worse.
or maybe they haven’t.

Maybe we have just always been a crazy, selfish, society and species.
But now, we have social media, we have media, we have a lot of mediums to put this information out there.

Let me blow your mind for a moment.
Every day people are murdered.
Every. Day.

You hear about 1/4th of it.
The rest is covered by what popular celebrity wore the wrong outfit.
What mass murder happened (but this is a brief coverage) in another country.
What boy Taylor Swift is dating.

You don’t hear the real stories, the real tragedies daily.

Wake Up, America.
The Media is LITERALLY telling you what to think and feel.

Just because you only see cops killing African Americans, DOES NOT MEAN THEY DON’T SHOOT WHITE PEOPLE. It’s just not covered.

But these are things they are literally trained for.
If someone moves and they tell them not to they have to protect themselves.
So… don’t move if they say… don’t move. 

Which means this isn’t a cop issue.
THIS is a people issue.

I am also getting frustrated with the fact that, if someone says to you, to not move, and then you reach for your pocket, that people are surprised if you get shot.
This is how they are trained.

Im playing both sides because I dont understand why there has to be sides.

However there is a time and place for everything.

Maybe we need to fight some issues. Maybe some cops are bad, but the time to fight them is not when you are pulled over or confronted.

However, these tragedies that keep happening daily… with mass amounts of people, seems to be rising. And maybe it’s because people are getting fed up with it.

On a side note, this is where I am getting tired of particularly white people making this #alllivesmatter bullshit.

Because you are taking away from a community that is scared because of how they were born, and I could say the same about the LGBT community.

The biggest problem is people not opening their eyes.

We could preach All Lives Matter, All Cops Matter, All Black Lives Matter.
We can change our profile photos.
We can try to educate one another on the topic via social media or in person.
But until the world sees all of the colors and just not black and white, we are not going to succeed.

Im not sure of a true solution of this to be honest.
I am clueless when it comes to it.

Get rid of all racists, all bigots, all people that see their peers as levels of species?
“Well thats inhumane.”
I don’t know. We kill 50 billion animals a year, in the same way that we have killed humans in the past…

However, I guess thats too radical for people to compare. -_-

Just wish people would think a bit passed their bias views and the media headlines and would wake the fuck up.

Also, stop killing.
That would be rad.

I don’t want to ever even leave my house any more.

Basically, everything is a shit show.
Im not on any side of anything… I am just watching it all unfold.
Cops matter to me for societal function.
All races matter to me for obvious reasons.
And death is not something I particularly enjoy at all.

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