Doors with Windows

Life is Frustrating

There have been a lot of things that have just pissed me off lately.
With our world.
With our society.
Just everything.

On a personal level I feel like I am the only business that responds to people ASAP.
Like all of these other businesses that I have PAID for, just stop responding to me, or I have to call and annoy them daily for them to do their fucking job.

So fucking frustrating.

But since starting my body building program. Something else has been driving me nuts that I have touched on a few times.

Quick gratification.

And this isn’t just with getting the ‘perfect society body,’ but seriously with everything.
A good job.
A strong body.
A good friend.

Fucking everything.
Like I know some of my friends that were laid off.
They aren’t qualified for a lot, but they want a job that pays 20 dollars an hour and doesn’t require dealing with people.

Other people CONSTANTLY ask me what I am doing for diet and exercise, but what I am doing is so intense that they will never follow it – so whats the fucking point of explaining it to them?
There isn’t.
I mention – well it’s intense.. I eat 5 times a day with added protein shakes.
They say, they want to know it all.
I mention a few meal ideas and they say, “damn, that’s intense” as if I didn’t mention this to them…
Because at the end of the day, they want to be told that I run 20 minutes a day, eat pizza and mac and cheese, and look great.
No. It doesn’t work like that.

There is a great company called HTFU. And I think I need to buy all of their T-shirts.
“Work fucking Harder.”
“Stop Looking for the shortcut and just do the fucking work.”

Yes. This is how I feel 100%.

I am so so tired of our society looking for the quickest and laziest ways to do things. And you know what, sometimes everything doesn’t come down to money either.
I spend money on my growth.
Now although that may mean more protein powder, or a new 2800 dollar camera, it will get me where I want to go for growth.
So as materialistic as it sounds, its not.
Next year I am dishing out several thousands of dollars to go on trips.

Should my husband and I save money? Maybe.
But I would rather travel the world and have a limited cushion, that is comfortable and not anything intense, then have a 60,000 cushion to sit on.

I get things happen, but I guess that is why you constantly help out family, because there is no question, that they will help you back out at some point.
That doesn’t mean help people in hopes they will help you.. but I do believe in Karma, so.. help someone out, and maybe someone else will do the same for you. Whether it’s someone who you have helped before or not.

I guess we are seeing really a lack of commitment. On every level.
When things get hard, people flake out of relationships instead of just sticking to it.
Do you know how hard it is to stay sexually attracted to someone for the duration of your life?
Or love them when they keep leaving their clothes next to the hamper instead of in the hamper?
How about one of your best friends that is notorious for bailing on you last minute (also… lack of commitment).
It’s not easy. But that doesn’t mean give up.

Some days I hate my husband (hah) and some days I love him, but all of my days I am thankful for him.

This all relates to one another.


Everyone always wants the easy way out.
But that’s the thing.
Life is fucking hard.

So do the fucking work.

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