Coffee is my drug.

The world has got me down lately…
and I don’t necessarily mean because there is ‘so much death’ going on, because in reality, that has always gone on.
People have always killed each other out of malice, jealousy or hatred.
That’s not new.

In fact, death isn’t a new thing all around.

This media tragedy porn going on right now pisses me off.
All of this isn’t new.
But because its ‘hashtag trending’ all of a sudden it’s what the media displays.

I know a lot of my friends who have fathers that are cops.
good people. good fathers.
However, because they grew up with that as an example of the profession, they are blinded to see that there are some nut jobs out there in every profession.
So as they deem the profession ‘heroic,’ they are being naive to those who maybe got the job for the wrong reasons.
As I have stated in previous blogs – that’s just a thing with the human race.
Completely unavoidable.

I can’t help but bypass this bull shit.

A lot of things have been bothering me lately. So I can’t really make a blog post about one thing. So let me just – lay them out for you.

Maybe you agree, maybe you don’t.
That’s fine.
I like having educated conversation.
It’s those people that end their sentence with “good thing we are entitled to our own opinion,”
that really aggravate me. Because most of the time they say that due to the fact they don’t actually know anything.

So here are the following things playing over and over in my head.
1. Those who say ‘race isn’t an issue’. Race is always an issue. And it makes me mad when people are naive to it, because they actually have a good heart and truly believe that race isn’t an issue – so they are blinded to the fact that if two white kids kill a black kid violently, than they believe race wasn’t a thing – that it was something else…. clearly that is a blind assumption. However, you can’t always think race is the ONLY reason -but I don’t think it can work the other way around… for most of the time.
2. Those who are racist, but love animals. Or pets, I should say.
Like… do you know why there are different breeds?
Clearly not, Linda.
Your black dog and spotted cat are just the same as African Americans, or Hispanics for that matter. We’re all mutts here.

3. THIS.

I don’t know WHY this has been bothering me so much but it does. I also recently just watched a video (I will link it), that has made me think about all of the birds I passed because I didn’t have time. Or all of the animals I thought were dead… that I should have, could have, stopped and just checked.
I saved a bird once, well, it was sitting on the hot pavement and its legs were broken I believe, I moved him into a shaded pot of flowers, and gave him water. I was only 17… and I don’t know if the vet would have taken him.. because it was a wild bird.
But this video and that image just made me stop.
And even think about humans. How many people have to do this (image)… and how many people have the entitlement to push them away… as well as a stray dog, or stray cat, or hell a raccoon. Why do we have the audacity to tell them that TRASH is ours, or that THING is ours.. how rude.
I just, was blown away by an image.

And then I watched this video and was blown away from my own actions. Just take 10 minutes, Ash, and care for something more than your time. I know I am busy, and I fight for animals daily, but stopping and helping and maybe being late to something is acceptable… and will help your mood knowing you tried.


4. Those that fight for PRO LIFE (and only vote for someone who is prolife instead of looking at much bigger issues) yet, do not want to support someone who cant afford it, and then also pray for their tortured meals in front of them.

And I may offend some of you, but hear me out.

Day after day I go to weddings, where they serve steak, pork, chicken, blah blah blah, and from catering services that support factory farming and slaughtering. (I am vegan, btw, going on 7 years).
They sit and pray for thanks for this food.
Not realizing they just paid someone a good amount of money, thousands, to torture and kill thousands of animals for this meal.
They didn’t do it.

But these animals WANT to live. They back into corners, they run, they cry, they scream, and guess what, all while the next contender is standing next to them watching, knowing it will happen to them.
This is a proven theory, btw.

Animals are not dumb.
They want to live.
Yet they are born with an expiration date.
They feel pain – unlike a month year old cell in a body. That has no consciousness, no emotion, no nothing. Soon, it would, third trimester, definitely it can feel pain, but still it does not know love, fear, or any other emotion that the world teaches every species.
Just watch the way animals take care of their young-  they love. And we are SO BLIND and NAIVE to thing that we, are the only ones that can feel these emotions.
So any ways, fighting for PRO LIFE and then praying before a tortured meal. Fighting against abortion but killing tons of animals that are clearly alive now, right now, and have experienced this terrible world already, but disregarding them as less than alive… clearly.

9 times out of 10 I still think about cats and dogs with their litters, and giving away these babies to strangers, who may or may not take good care of them, interact with them as they should, or hell maybe even abuse them, and leaving the mom animal in wonder of where the hell their kids went…

and we sit there in hopes they forget they had kids and went through any pain.

What right do we have to do that?
It is seriously heart breaking.
It also isnt realistic to keep all 7 cats.

Determining from the length of that last one I think that one is most on my mind. All of it. Pets, animals, pro life people that clearly don’t get it.
And always politics.

By the way, if you are feeling helpless about both party candidates, know that Jill Stein and Gary are running as alternative options.

I would highly look at them.
Because I know I am not voting either Dem or Rep this year based on who is leading the polls.
But hell, my vote clearly doesn’t really matter. Because the US polls are clearly rigged.

Also this year, don’t vote just for your ‘claimed party’, because there may be someone out there which much better responses and plans that just dont have the finances to when this highschool homecoming popularity contest.

Find someone that is good for our country.
The different genders in this country.
The different races in this country.
And foreign affairs, because I would rather not have the world hate us more than they already do (I would).

Also, look bigger than one issue (gay marriage, abortion, personal life bullshit) because probably none of that actually relates to you at all. And by that I mean, if you are against those things, because if you are against gay marriage, you probably aren’t gay, therefore, it wont affect you.

If you don’t like abortion, don’t get one.
If you are against it, then if you make someone have a kid, you need to help it grow up financially and emotionally, because that’s not fair.
And I don’t give a shit if our president has an affair, because as long as they can run the fucking country, and get blamed for everything bad or good, let them do whatever the fuck they want for all I care. Just don’t take away my rights.

*drops mic*

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