Paper Towels


I’m a pretty laid back vegan. When I say that, I mean, it has taken me a long time to not get pissed off at people for knowing about situations of other animals (or humans for that matter) and completely just ignore them on purpose.
My husband is guilty of this.

He knows exactly why I am vegan.
Doesn’t matter to him.

Super frustrating to sometimes think about the lack of compassion and want to be around it.

However, there is something that irritates me a bit more and has been for a few months.. very prevalent in my mind.
You know, when people share those “every dogs deserve a home”, bull shit videos.
Yes, I smile at them.
yes, it makes me happy these animals are being rescued.
But how are we so cold to some animals and “saviors” to others.
Why do we hold some animals up and not others.

Dont you think that:

Every animals wants to live.
Every animal doesn’t want to die for a 15 minute meal.
Every animal wants to be with their kind, species, family if you will.
Every animal doesn’t want to be thrown away.
No animals wants to be stuck in a cage.

I mean, why is this such a fucking hard thing for people to understand.
Pigs don’t want to die.
Pigs know when they are danger.
Pigs are pretty damn cute.
Pigs are smarter than dogs.

Yet, here we are.
Killing pigs and saving dogs because dogs are capable of feeling.

Why can’t we try to show more compassion to all animals?



Sorry that made me laugh.
Since that #all everything, including me, hashtag seems to be trending.


but seriously.

The animal thing.

come on .

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