Guns Vs Knives

You were born into this world.
You didn’t choose your race, your species.
You didn’t choose your family, your mother.
You were just born.

The moment you were born, you felt your mom care for you.
Maybe in an industrial place, maybe in a cozy setting.
Maybe you felt the hands of other humans around you, as you sat with your mother.
You have never felt such a strong bond before.
Although you miss the warmth of the womb, you are happy to be here.

Several hours goes by.
You are cleaned by your mother, held by your mother, kissed by your mother.
You feel love, joy, happiness.

A few more hours pass, and men come.
The pick you up, or maybe they drag you by your leg to somewhere new.. without your mother.
You are put into a secluded area. Not as warm, not as cozy, and you can hear your mother calling for you.
She’s crying.

This goes on for days.

You notice there is a milk bottle for you.
Ready for you.
But it doesn’t taste like the food you experienced in the first few hours with your mother.

It’s cold.
It doesn’t taste filling.
In fact it is meant to make you weak.

You hear your mom crying.
This continues for 2 weeks.
You try to talk back.

Everyday you are given new “food.”
You’re starving.

This is inhumane.
For a brand new baby boy.
Coming to this place.
Surely this will not be tolerated by the government.
Surely they can’t be doing this to other human beings.

But you are thought of as food.
You are a baby cow.
You are nothing.

You didn’t choose this life.
Your mother didn’t choose her life, and if it were avoidable, surely, she wouldn’t choose this for you as well.
She has no choice.

You hear people coming in the morning to your crate.
You are taken.

Two weeks old.
You are taken.

To the feminists of the world.
This is why I am feminist.
This is why I am vegan.
This is why it is unfair.

Your baby would never be taken.
Made Weak.
To be eaten in two.

Bless those who have been made and processed for food.
May you RIP.
May you be happy that you escaped this place ran by monsters.

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