A Doughnut and a Hole

It’s been a solid minute since I’ve blogged my mind,
I apologize, I haven’t necessarily had a mind these last few months.

I have been photographing weddings non-stop.
By that a mean, two or three weddings within a weekend…
and I finally just got some down time to express my mind.

Things bother me,
Things make me mad,
but I haven’t had much time to express or think about them to be honest.

There has only been personal issues in my life that have come up and been prevalent to reflect on, but this is not the time nor space to discuss those issues.

My recent research and area of study has been pornography.
Not just the area itself, but the area within different mediums.

Before this specific category was placed within magazines, papers, or things people would have to tangibly go out and buy… but today they are accessed at ease and almost without guilt (not saying you should be guilty, but those of us who were taught about the industry itself would feel a sense of guilt buying these items or areas of ‘entertainment’)

I haven’t got too far in depth with this study, although the results I have found so far with porn and the media are pretty staggering.

I have a few friends who are big advocators of pornography  – and I have never been, nor will I be.
I think that comes from my studies as an undergrad and learning about sex trafficking. Because many of those girls have no stinkin’ clue what is going on, where they are, or what they are doing – nor do they like what they are doing.

On the flip side, there are many people that choose that life and are not ashamed of it at all.
I speak for the women and men who don’t want to be there.. I don’t want any thing to do with it.
There has also been a good amount of study linked to aggressive and behavioral shifts due to the abuse of pornography which links to an antisocial side of people as well as an unrealistic perspective of what sex should be.

I am really interested in learning more about the way it alters our behaviors, minds, and other aspects of our life.
On the flip side, I learned it was used to teach sex ed in some areas of the world…

which is quite frightening. haha

I will get back to this – I just recently photographed some new work which builds on the environmental foundation of my mind –
The non perfect
the ruined…

I shall share at another time.

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