There are no amount of words.

First of all, I’m sorry I am going to get political.

Last night was a disaster for America. If you are from other countries and don’t understand what just happened, it’s okay, neither do we.

Here is everything I have thought about and decided. First of all, the DNC chose the wrong candidate. Most of us wanted Bernie Sanders, who would have risen above the slander campaigns, who would have stuck to his ideas and plans and defeated this new monster it seems my country has given the chance at the oval. This election was literally a slander on both parties of who could say more shit. This wasn’t even a normal educated election, which proves where our society is going . People don’t research anymore, they just read what is On social media, or what they hear from uneducated family members who maybe heard something down the line and allow impact on them.


Last night was basically America acting as five year olds and throwing a political tantrum. “All he said was bad words,” “I read somewhere she hates kids” “this world is corrupt, bleh”. So they voted in someone who knows just about as much as they do about foreign affairs, other countries and our military. They voted in someone who claimed we should bomb people, who mocks this disabled, who calls war heroes, non Hereos because they were captured. Shame on you America.

What irratates me the most, is the fact these people find one issue, that has no effect on them, stick to it and don’t see the larger picture. There are several things I will point out to make this point. 1. Abortion. People don’t have a clue the complications that people go through. It’s not the case that people have abortions all of the time because they don’t want kids, in fact most of the time there is a life or death, quality of life, or some issue that is the reason the abortion is even an option. I personally don’t want to be told that I have to die, by my government  because some aunt Lisa somewhere is in another state saying that’s murder, all while protecting their gun in the corner to preserve their second amendment. So they stick to this falsified idea that has been blown out of proportion and vote only on that. 2. While we’re at it lets talk about that second amendment. If that becomes strict, it doesn’t mean they are going to come and take all of your guns away, it means it’ll be harder to get a gun than a license, which it should be. 3. People voted against Hilary because they don’t want obamas plans to continue (health care, etc), but the problem with that is before that came to light we had a huge GAP, where A LOT of people struggled. We can’t just PULL health care, we need to let it Mature and we need to refine it. The EU didn’t get a stellar system in eight years, it takes much longer than that to provide the country with something that works for everyone. 4. This election was more than just people wanting to keep their money instead of going to taxes. This election was more than abortion, or a right to have a gun. This election was about the environment and human rights. For me animal rights are even more than other aspects too. If human rights are in question, and we have a BUSINESS man who FEEDS into the issues, factory farming will get worse, humans and animals will be further subjected, and there will be no progress. The environment is going to suffer as well, but please think about that five dollars a paycheck that comes out of your income that you are so pissed about that you must vote solely on that idea.

As a woman I am genuinely afraid of what is to come. For my minority brothers and sisters out there, I am even more afraid. I cannot imagine being a Muslim American right now. I can’t even. I’m also slightly terrified to post anything negative about this new man in power for the fact I’m scared he will lash out as Hitler did against those who were against him. Whether it’s death, money or being legally sued, there will be a consequence. I wish people would read up on their history. I also wish people would realize how fucked up it is that one of the best presidents, just genuinely a great guy with great intentions, who happens to be African American has to hand over his power to a white (orange) man endorsed by the KKK.

I am currently at the gym. I decided to take out my rage in a way that involves words (here), as well as with my body. Physically I am trying to gain the strength to endure this next chapter of battling inequality. If you are from another country and are watching us, please wish us the best, and know that not all of us are uneducated, easily swayed assholes.




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