Lack of …

My stomach is sick.

Not from necessarily politics. In fact, I have been doing a lot of research, and although our economy may hit the fan due to the fact a corrupt businessman who will do all of the wrong things, things that he promised his ‘voters’ that he will not do, there are some things I do not foresee happening. I am fearful of our environment, however, I think there would be a major backlash by scientists that will not allow him to let us go back to the eras before technology, aka, the 50s.

However, I am sick from the lack of sympathy. Men saying women don’t need birth control – saying that condoms are effective or that we should just not have sex… while they can do what they please. Or hey, what if a girl gets raped? She has to have that baby too, I suppose in their eyes?

Just all of it is so god damn unfair.

I am vegan for the fact I cannot, seriously cannot, comprehend only living 3 months of age, being backed into a corner, shoved into a cage, transported to a slaughterhouse, hear my species being slaughtered, then painfully dying myself. I can’t even think of it. So… I change my lifestyle to not promote that kind of hatred in my life.

When it comes to the riots right now, yah, that’s not the way to do it. Burning a flag is just proving that you’re too emotional, and not rational. However, peacefully protesting is a-okay if you want your voice to be heard. In fact, that is what I love about our generation. We don’t just bow down to what has been done over and over, because we realize that what has always been done isn’t necessarily always right.

However, just in a discussion about women’s rights… like…

When I was 14-15 I had my period every fucking day. Everyday. There was not one day I didn’t bleed. My birth control was 300 a month that provided the hormones I needed to not bleed every day. That was without insurance. Now I worked my ass off to pay that, and I had to, I didn’t have a choice. I lived with my parents at that time so I could afford it. But damn it, that’s expensive.

So to hear this shit ruled out, that its just used for children preventative? well .. that just angers me. What if you are raped and can’t afford more expensive birth control? With the cost of pharmaceuticals going up, even if you have insurance… it may get pricey.

My last birth control I was on – with insurance was 125 a month. Without insurance it would have been 600. Again, mine is a pretty intense formula.
And recently I switched to an IUD with cheaper pills to help my body.
Which has been much more beneficial, yet with some downfalls.

As for the people bitching about people ‘whining’ about ‘losing’. Well, that makes me more upset.
1. Those same people claiming we should all ‘unify’ bashed our current president for 8 years. 8 years I heard them bitch about Obama. 8 years I kept my mouth shut. If Hilary would have won, dear God, I was actually more terrified of that because of some of the following Trump has. I was fearing hate crimes already.
2. We are not upset about ‘losing’.
3. When … Trump won- people, including my white ass self, cried. For two days straight. NOT for me, but for the sake of women’s rights, and for the sake of minorities. I couldn’t even imagine the fear most of them are fearing right now.
So people protest. In fear. Because they do not know what is coming, nor do I. Yet, get ridiculed.  Told they need to ‘grow up.’ But When people are posting this ‘grow up,’ status and photograph, in their own words put ‘we need to stand together and unify.’

I’m sorry, but you cannot unify and mock someone at the same time. And you would be just as mad if Hilary would have won.

But you CANNOT say “these people were all given loser trophies,” and then “unify” at the same time. It doesn’t work like that. Until you realize why they are scared, and why they are pained, and why they are crying, you will never get them to ‘unify’ with you.

A lack of compassion.

A lack of empathy.

Just lacking it all.

I dont understand this way of thinking. There is no logic.
I have researched some things and made myself feel much better about the situation we are in,  for the fact I cannot change it, and 5-6 not just women, but ‘minority’ women made it into powerful positions. Thats amazing.
Also, for the fact Bernie Sanders, yet again is looking out for everyone, still.

Love that man.

Im sad. Im really sad. This has impacted me more than it would, but I am strong. Very strong.

And from today on, I wear a safety pin in my clothes.

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