Since the election I’ve been on facebook more than I prefer. But I guess it’s because I’m heartbroken, and when I’m heartbroken I spill my emotions out like a bucket of liquid waiting to get knocked over in the dark. 

In these last few months, I have been trying to keep my head up. In these last few months, an enormous amount of hate has been exchanged in between people that just run off of labels instead of ideas. In these last few months, I’ve been exposed to more animal cruelty videos than I would like to see (even weird shit like monkeys in the wild being punched, or dogs or cows being lit on fire). 

I’m not sure why our species has to be so awful. I’m not sure how we could possibly make a movement to help “pets” or factory farm animals in need when we can’t even respect each other.

No, I am not a conservative, no, I am not a lot of things.. but damn it, I’m not going to lose my respect or name call someone just because they think differently from me. 

The more education I pursue, and the more experiences I have outside my comfort zone, the more I continue in the direction of a die hard liberal. That doesn’t mean I’m overly sensitive, it means I’m empathetic. That doesn’t mean I “don’t love my country,” it means I love the majority in it (I say majority bc I do not love racists or people with their own biblical agenda that hurts more than helps others, also murderers etc, not that those are in any way related lmao). 

I do not see color. I do not see gender. I see goodwill, and intention.

I would love to say that I’m just going to stay off facebook forever, or for even a week, but just because I don’t see it… doesn’t mean it’s not happening. 

I think that’s something unfortunately everyone jumps to. “Well if I don’t see this video of something I am uncomfortable with than its fine, it’ll make my life better,” cool, but how does that help any thing. 

I’ve defriended a lot of people, due to the lack of empathy and straight up ignorance on a lot of topics. I’m sure many of my home town friends have defriended me or unfollowed me based on my liberal and vegan agenda. But that’s okay with me.

I decided awhile ago that I want to voice who I am and give an accurate representation of who I am. I’ll lose some, and gain more like minded people. But not just that, I’ll create awareness, which may not transfer over to change right away, but over time thoughts cycle back, just as they did with me six and seven years ago when I learned about things that made me feel uncomfortable (and I told myself the change wasn’t for me, but ended up cycling back and changing my thoughts and actions). But also, I made it a point to do all of these things, and still be there for those who disagreed with me if they still wanted me in their life, meaning; loving those with difference of opinions and not basing life solely off of small disputes. Difference of opinions is what makes this world interesting. 

I have no goal with this post, I guess I’m extremely down and am trying to power through this, and I will, as I have. 

I guess I would just like the world to be more kind to other species, other people, and everyone, but it seems that we have to go down this dark path of hate before we can see a new light.

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