Throughout our lives, we are told to be ‘normal,’ to ‘fit in,’ and to ‘tone it down’ when we decide to show our weirdness. As you get older, there is a part of that, that is let go. However, it seems everything we do is filtered. Online, we filter our digital voices in fear that we may come off a certain way. In images, we literally filter them to make ourselves look better, or ‘more ideal’ or perfect. In person, we filter ourselves by being quiet, or maybe just not being ourselves at all, in fear that we may be rejected.

I decided to do a, pretty silly, project on my own. For three hours, I sit down with someone. We drink wine, we talk, and we just hang out. As time goes on, those walls are eventually dropped. Those filters are gone, and it’s just the real person, talking to another real person.

This project isn’t an advocate for alcohol, but it is an advocate for letting someone be who they are, without judgement. I’m pretty weird, I like being weird, I know that some things I do are considered heavily weird, but that’s what I love about me. I started to embrace my ‘flaws’ or my ‘faults’ that society may claim me to have, but I don’t see them as faults… I see them as quirks. I see all of my ‘imperfect’ traits as perfect for me.

This project is a way to see who people really are, who they want to be, and a way to show people that it’s OKAY to be different, it’s OKAY to be weird. What a boring world we would live in if we were all the same.small-kailtinsmall-sam

One Reply to “LOVE YO’SELF.”

  1. mittflorg says:

    Great message for people to hear. Feeling like the odd person out is a very uncomfortable feeling for a person to have.


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