Big Business.

I started this website with the full intention of it being a blog.
Then it progressively became my artist website.

However, I am not ashamed who I am, and I do not believe in centering who I am.

Mass shootings are pretty often in the United States. This is something gaining speed every year. If you are from another country reading this, I hope you know that not all of us Americans are gun-loving lunatics. The idea of owning a gun, “because I love it” or “because it’s my hobby” is ludicrous to me. That’s such a privilege but not a right, and owning a semi-automatic also doesn’t seem like it needs to be a thing. In fact, you can love guns and just fire a pistol or hand gun, right? That.. should be all allowed.

Now I am not really even for that. I don’t own a gun. Probably never will. Because even in a situation where someone was trying to kill me… I would have a hard fucking time pulling that trigger. It’s not me. So to all of those people telling others that TEACHERS should have guns? That’s ridiculous. If they had to shoot their own student who had a gun in their hand… could they? Would they? And if they did, how much would that fuck them up? Honestly?

I don’t think the solution to this problem is as easy as each radical side likes to believe.
In America we have a masculinity problem. That is own of our NUMBER ONE issues. From this issue stems domination, power, aggressive behavior. Anyone with some of these characteristics or issues, with a gun? Well, that could be some bad news.

However, our Country has so much nasty big business and dirty money tied into it…

I do think a solution is banning all guns, but for some reason, our redneck gun-loving people who own 79 guns to shoot a beer can in their back yard (when a BB gun would do just fine) wouldn’t allow that to happen. So here are three areas I think that need to be improved on that are causing issues:

1. With unlimited access to guns, there will be unlimited amounts of mass shootings. Gun control must be stricter.
This does NOT mean taking away guns, this means making It harder to get them.
I’m bolding that point because 90 percent of conservatives don’t understand that concept. But also, are pro-life, just not for actual lives (lol), just cells.
Right now guns are easier than getting a drivers license. A simple background check is not enough. A lot more things should take into consideration. Health, mental health, background troubles with law, aggression problems, etc.

2. Mental illness is in every country. Big Pharma is just what keeps us from having access to actual help and affordable help. however, even with meds, mental illness is unpredictable. If we actually had no guns, it would limit this unpredictability. We are the only problem with mass shootings per week, but we are not the only country with mental illness.

3. If we changed the way our media presented shit, like Europe does, and instead of creating praise almost, on those who did the crime (Europe keeps them nameless and focuses on the heroes), it would get rid of the negative famousness of these killers.. which honestly is a large percentage of why people do it, to become infamous. This is a proven point in psychology.

If we black marketed semi-automatics, know that they would be over thousands of dollars… which is hella expensive. and although it would not rid ALL crimes, it would rid most. By the actual tactics of supply and demand, we would rid almost all mass shootings, as Australia and many other countries who had this problem in the past did.

However, all of these three factors are causing this to happen in the US, and unfortunately, all of these factors involve greedy, corrupt politicians receiving dirty money.

I am so mad.
I don’t get half of this shit.. and by that I mean I literally cannot comprehend the people doing the killing, and the others that are subtly supporting the killing by just complaining on social media that guns do nothing and state we “have crazy people in this country.” How does that do anything? Being passive? That is worse than any other thing you can do right now.

If you think this is a mental illness problem, then, for shits and gigs, let’s create the greatest mental illness program in the world and see what happens. Please do, GOP.

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