Power of the People

Le Sigh.

So, first off, let me say that “our president” is a downright idiot.
That’s not new to you? oh, sorry. (haha, I’m kidding I’ve been aware for awhile, I did not vote for him).

There are many things I need to jot down today.

After the shooting in Florida, our country (or 1/2 of them) seem to be awake now. It’s a beautiful thing. I am so stinking glad the age group below me have awakened, however I am sad in the way that they had to wake up.

Obviously, the alt right would rather do anything than make a change, because it’s much easier to BITCH about mental illness, or “wackos” (as drumf calls them) in this country, rather then do something about it. However, they stooped to a new low, as now they are blaming all of this on a conspiracy theory. LOL

They can’t fathom the idea that kids are fucking pissed that they had to go through this.
The other day I had to block and remove several people from my Facebook because of this irrational thought they they linked to Alex Jones (who is a nut). Obviously, he did not even believe Sandy Hook happened which was to elementary school students, so why the hell would he have any empathetic thought to believe a high school shooting. Anyways, one person from my facebook told me that I was too emotional to talk to and not “thinking rationally.” However, he was spewing words of conspiracy and said it was pretty convincing that this wasn’t real. His links were to opinion articles, and he obviously could not understand that some media and videos out there are lacking context and are completely manipulated to make an untruthful point.

He brought up that these kids were actors and rehearsing lines without any emotion, but let me say something right there about this. I was in drama and theater. First of all, if you are going to read in front of millions of people, you better fucking rehearse some lines or know your mission because especially if you are emotional you’ll turn into a blubbering, crying hot mess. Secondly, if you ARE COMPLETELY DISTURBED YOU WILL NOT SHOW ANY EMOTION. My God, none of these accusers have even been through PTSD or ANYTHING disturbing before.

My second large point to this idiot, is the fact that I was “emotional.” I’m sorry, if you ARE NOT EMOTIONAL right now you are FUCKED in the head. And this is where I am extremely mad about people calling “liberal” an illness. Because we actually GIVE A FUCK about our citizens and our country. We want to HELP not HURT. We want REGULATIONS TO PROTECT US, because GOVT WAS SET IN TO PROTECT US… and it’s failing us.

I have been awake since 2014, I have been walking since 2016, and now I am considering RUNNING in the next few years. This chaos has to stop. There is no right or left wing, we are all the same bird. If 20 of our kids die, then 20 of our kids die. It does not matter who they belong to. It does not matter who their parents voted for. This is a morality issue that is conquering our nation. Some are awake, some still try to remain asleep.. and I get that, it’s easier to turn an eye than to make a move.

But damn it, we are the laughing stock of the world right now, and we need to make a move.

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