When are you Enough

Self 17/52

When do we start to love who we are? When do we start to understand REAL isn’t found online? When do we stop comparing and start enjoying what our bodies do for us?

Photographs are representations. It is not real life. Digital media is filled with faux presentation; photoshopped or not. Images are bias. As any photographer knows, they can make an ugly scene look like a glorious location by just a single crop, so this applies to all types of photography: digital and film, over edited or color corrected.

I am a photographer, it is my job to make beauty out of the mundane, it is my job to empower people, but I will never lose sight of the most important thing: these are representations, they are not real life.

You are beautiful in every way, as you exist. Follow people that make you feel that. Follow people that show you or make you feel that you belong. Unfollow the images that make you question your worth- in 2021 we are getting rid of toxicity, friends.

the synthetic ideal

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