Taylor Swift Series; Debut


So for 2022 I started a few projects which I’ve been updating their pages but never got around to blogging some of this stuff individually. I started a more series line of work about grief to encourage discussion of what grief is. We have this wild perception that grief is solely when someone we love dies, but that’s just not true. You can grieve the freedom and who you were before you had cancer, you can grieve a pet that passed or you had to give up, you can grieve the abandonment of a parent or friend who is still alive but continues not to choose you. All of these things are painful and honestly sometimes harder to get passed than someone who has actually left this planet.

So I have started that series as well as a project for myself that involves recreated each Taylor Swift era with my friends. This strictly is for fun and is no way going anywhere but my own platforms [lol], but as my mental health hasn’t started the best this year, it’s been a really good thing to fixate on.

I have a longer blog talking about each era in depth – if you’d like to learn more about the Debut Era – I have the link for you.

The top images were more her old aesthetic and I’m well aware the image on the bottom left looks like Fearless, the first release [lol]. But Meg really looked like old Taylor, especially when she shook her head, so we rolled with it. I took SO many but those were my favorite.

The second half of the session I focused on the song “Our Song” and the music video she released for that. We changed the ball gown to a pant suit and kind of made it our own in the idea of what it would look like if she released it NOW. Because that girl doesn’t need saving any more.

Drawing inspiration from:

lil tiktok

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4 Replies to “Taylor Swift Series; Debut”

  1. […] like there is still justice for old album art – so I wanted to make a blend. My last shoot “Debut” had a lot of old Taylor, and some of it did look a bit ‘Fearless” like, so I tried to […]


  2. […] ‘Debut‘ came out when I was 15 years old. My best friend at the time told me about this girl, Taylor Swift, and showed me “Our Song.” It was the first time I had heard music that had the same vibe as the stuff I was writing – although – I definitely wasn’t country, nor did I like country at all, but something about how every lyric felt relatable to me as a 15 year old [she was 16 at the time] felt refreshing. […]


  3. […] on repeat again and again – and was blown away when Fearless was released. I did photograph the “Debut” era and decided to update my creation to “Our Song,” by changing a few things that I think […]


  4. […] never believe her songs are simply about one person – specifically none of her new music. Debut, Fearless and Speak Now seem to be one track minded, but I honestly think everything after that […]


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