Taylor Swift Series; Red

Continuing on my series, the next shoot I got to photograph was Red!! For this specific shoot Chelsea and I decided to do a few different looks. The first was the original vibes of when Red was released and her album art. We wanted to show her old art while also doing some transitions and upgrades to her new version released.

From there we decided to kind of transition to her current look in her rereleases that we saw on tiktok or in interviews she was holding

And then finally I REALLY wanted to do a whole series on “I Bet You Think About Me,” because the video production by Blake Lively was just incredible.

Honestly this entire project has just been a stinkin’ blast. It’s fun to draw inspiration from music and make the videos similar, but your own.

At the end of all of these shoots; I’m working on a MASSIVE blog that I will release that really goes into the details of why I started to do this. This blog includes so many things that I just find hilarious about things throughout the years, parts of Taylor’s life that really gripped me and made me hold on, and other things I’m passionate about with her. I know she is only human, but for those of us who grew up with her music in our car stereos since we were 15 [I’m a year younger than her], her music is so much more than just music. It’s a friendship, dependable, and as all of you know – there’s always a Taylor Swift song for ‘that.’

Here is my FAVORITE image from the session that I executed exactly how I saw it:

lil tiktok video

Up Next: Lover

4 Replies to “Taylor Swift Series; Red”

  1. […] But if we read these first initial lines as a story included with the chorus- it feels all very small town, first love, high school party. Not being able to compete with the other girls for this persons love, and then deciding to make the jump to moving into her career [next verse]. Moving on to mini-fame, becoming ‘Taylor Swift.’ Fast forward now, to in between Speak Now and Red. […]


  2. […] has a lot of narratives about fearing of becoming old news or out of date. With Nothing New, Lucky, and Mirrorball there are a lot of cross over of fearing of aging or becoming irrelevant in the […]


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