Taylor Swift Series; Fearless


What an incredible nostalgic memory this album was when it was re-released. Again, although these re-releases are simply for ownership, many people who aren’t stans don’t really understand why all of us older millennials are freaking out about all of these re-recordings.

Fearless [Taylor’s Version Inspired]

Music is amazing because of the fact it can link us to specific memories. I don’t have a good memory in general, sometimes I watch movies and completely forget about them and attempt to watch them ‘for the first time,’ and about 3/4ths the way through I realize I actually have seen it. Sometimes I’ll be talking to my students about history and show them movies and say “I’m not sure I’ve seen this,” and then realize half way through the powerpoint I did in fact see it, but blocked it out. Music isn’t like that though.

Fearless was Taylor’s first MAJOR album to come out. She played around on Soundcloud [check out these old unreleased songs], Music Myspace, and her “Debut” album came out, but the recordings were not as clean as Fearless. If you want to dive into to good podcasts about stuff that was going on at the time of the original recordings I highly recommend you listen to Every Single Album: Fearless. The latest recording is especially interesting in their discussion of producing and new elements added to the re-recordings too: Every Single Album: Fearless [Taylor’s Version]. This is my favorite podcast.

When all of my shoots are done I will be blogging about everything in totality. But what makes this album incredibly personal is in directly links me to my high school years, crying in the car, driving and screaming “White Horse” while I was pissed at my now husband, then boyfriend. [lol] Josh also loved that song too. This album takes me back to being 15 [she was 16], screaming in the car, playing “Forever & Always” over and over, like I had experienced full out heartbreak before.

For this shoot I mixed old art and new art. I feel like there is still justice for old album art – so I wanted to make a blend. My last shoot “Debut” had a lot of old Taylor, and some of it did look a bit ‘Fearless” like, so I tried to make this one a bit different.

Fearless Re-release

The new art was especially fun to recreate. Swiftie’s lost their minds when Taylor changed her album cover to not a dress, but the actual ‘Romeo’ old shirt she wore in the music video of “Love Story.” I made this shoot a bit more feminine than the baggy shirt, and I did reduce the amount of yellow filter because that just.. doesn’t look good on most people [lol]. So I changed it more to a film vibe.

Finally – Album Art Cover Inspired images.

Fearless; Final Photos Video
The Making Of; Behind the Scenes

Up Next: Evermore

4 Replies to “Taylor Swift Series; Fearless”

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