Taylor Swift Series; Evermore

Welcome to the blog post with my favorite era/album

The one that only really people who love music with different time signatures and experimental music structured songs thrive. Up until ‘Folklore’ Taylor kept her music pretty normal in terms of experimentation. Always verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, chorus. On top of that she always kept it 4/4 too [time signature]. But ‘Folklore’ and ‘Evermore’ gave her a new breath of fresh air. She had stated in an interview with apple music that it was the first time she got rid of her checklist, and instead of putting brain power into shows, it all simply went into her own music.

Most Swifties love the Folklore / Evermore duo because ‘Folklore’ is the anger, retaliation, distrust and emotions from destruction while ‘Evermore’ represents the closure. Again, I’ll make a huge blogpost on this journey when all of my work is done, but the last two songs [bonus tracks] of this album are – to me – some of the most personal, reflective, closure songs she’s ever produced. Lyrically, this entire album is everything. It shows her maturity in her writing, her ability to make work beyond her own lens, and over all is just a solid new direction for her to take since as she ages touring may not be as high energy .. or honestly willingness to do it.

This shoot was A TON of fun. I first focused on the album work that felt very wintery anyways. I even shot at 120mm film [my twin lens mamiya], and Kaitlin got the perfect jacket for it too. We played around in the fields and woods and I literally got everything I wanted from this shoot.

The next portion of this shoot was pulling from the song “Right Where You Left Me.” This song is so visually descriptive that I really wanted to recreate it. So I rented out The Meanwhile – a bar in Grand Rapids, and got all my close friends to help assist me with the shoot. There is a song on Folklore titled “Mirrorball,” and for some reason these two songs happen in the same rundown bar. Honestly Mirrorball was released before Right Where You Left Me, but in my head they are opposite in which comes first.

Help, I’m still at the restaurant

Still sitting in a corner I haunt

Cross-legged in the dim light

They say, “What a sad sight”

I, I swear you could hear a hair pin drop

Right when I felt the moment stop

Glass shattered on the white cloth

Everybody moved on

I, I stayed there

Dust collected on my pinned-up hair

They expected me to find somewhere

Some perspective, but I sat and stared

Right Where You Left Me – Taylor Swift
Tiktok Evermore
Tiktok Right Where You Left Me
Tiktok BTS Evermore

Up Next: ‘Speak Now.’

7 Replies to “Taylor Swift Series; Evermore”

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