Taylor Swift Series; “Cowboy Like Me” & “August”

I finished all of my album recreations and really wanted to focus on selective songs that made me feel or see a specific way. Liv has been my go to for a lot of Taylor Swift projects since we’re both extremely passionate about her, and art. This shoot was actually the tipping point for all of my era shoots – and now that we are all patiently waiting for Midnights to come out – I have been brainstorming to recreate individual songs as well. So far I have created “New Years Day,” Right Where You Left Me, and really felt a vibe of a running away icon in “Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince.” Folklore I definitely created some vibes of “The Last Great American Dynasty,” since that was on my mind with many of the water shots – but I am REALLY excited to get into further visualization like I did for “Right Where You Left Me” on this new album.

These images created we had two different songs in mind.

Cowboy Like Me – Evermore

We stripped the hats and I started to use more soft focus – and we thought about the nostalgic feelings of “August” from Folklore.

August – Folklore

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