Taylor Swift Series – “Debut” – Re-imagined

Time really has flown by since I was introduced to Taylor. I was 15, she was 16. I blasted “Our Song,” on repeat again and again – and was blown away when Fearless was released. I did photograph the “Debut” era and decided to update my creation to “Our Song,” by changing a few things that I think Taylor would today. However, my friend and I thought it would be cool to re-create the “Debut” era if Taylor were to release it today – with her own ideas, and her new perspective that comes with aging. There are many lyrics and songs I am so interested in hearing again – in her 32 year old mind instead of her 16-19 year old mind, and that comes with “Let’s Go,” and “Better than Revenge” on Speak Now. I do kind of hope she has one version that is the original – and one that she updates to something that she would rather include now [she was a teen, calm down TIKTOK [lol]].

Watching an artist grow and blossom is a beautiful thing – especially when you have been there for every album release, every roll out, every era. Watching her grow and become the person she is, enjoy the music she’s making, and recognize her power is incredible. So this shoot is Debut, re-imagined.

Debut – Re-imagined

You’re free to be who you want. You can be someone who stands up for women’s rights. You can also be d e l i c a t e

You can speak on human rights and speak up for communities you are’t completely apart of.
You can sing and write songs about narratives you’ve never experienced first hand.
Artistry is about bringing communities together and making people feel seen and heard through the speakers of their cars and headphones.

Keep on shinin’ miss Mirrorball

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