Vigilante Shit

Hello, so I really don’t have MUCH to say about this song. It’s not really coded and metaphorical like the other songs on Midnights. I do love it, and think it’s a bop, but there just isn’t much depth to the lyrics. We can speculate this song is about Scooter Braun – so more than anything I’m interested in the truth in some of these lines lol

Lyrical Interpretation

Draw the cat eye, sharp enough to kill a man
You did some bad things, but I’m the worst of them

Scooter definitely fucked with Taylor and it was bad BUT I definitely think he has done some terrible things, probably to his wife. So although he fucked her over badly, I’m not sure it’s his worst crime. But worst thing he has done to an artist? probably.

Sometimes I wonder which one will be your last lie

I would like her list of lies he has stated. You know she has one.

They say looks can kill and I might try
I don’t dress for women
I don’t dress for men
Lately I’ve been dressing for revenge

I do like this idea in her recent interviews. Some people speculate this is about sexuality but I honestly don’t think it’s that deep lol

She wore a revenge dress similar to princess Diana on Jimmy Fallon- but she did officially ‘deny’ this– although most of us aren’t buying it.

Another outfit she kind of referenced is Scooter Braun’s ex-wife [which this song includes] for the release of Midnights. There was a big reference in her attire to past outfits.

So to me, these few lines are not talking about attraction and who she is dressing for, but more so for revenge and reference to people she is metaphorically killing off.

I don’t start shit but I can tell you how it ends
Don’t get sad, get even

I just really love this line

So on the weekends

Only weekends? I guess most award shows are on the weekends – other than that she stays out of the spotlight on purpose.

I don’t dress for friends
Lately I’ve been dressing for revenge

Dressing for her enemies only. Also, to kill her fans… because recently….

She needed cold hard proof so I gave her some
She had the envelope, where you think she got it from?
Now she gets the house, gets the kids, gets the pride

Scooter and his wife have joint custody so this line is just for the song. I am curious on the envelope and if Taylor did tip her off. No way? right? I need to know.

Picture me thick as thieves with your ex-wife
And she looks so pretty
Driving in your Benz
Lately she’s been dressing for revenge

“As Braun walks away with a large artwork collection, multiple cars, four golf carts, several of the couple’s shared properties and of course, one electric scooter, the pair will share joint custody of their three children, Jagger, 7, Levi, 5, and Hart, 3.” source

So I actually wonder what she got of his and what is true lol

Ladies always rise above
Ladies know what people want
Someone sweet and kind and fun
The lady simply had enough

get em, tay.

While he was doing lines
And crossing all of mine

ok but I panicked the first time I heard this – so good.

Someone told his white collar crimes to the FBI
And I don’t dress for villains
Or for innocents
I’m on my vigilante shhittt again

she’s back.

While you’re here support my friends doing Vigilante Shit against Ticketmaster

If you got fucked from tickets or also had a bad experience GET INVOLVED

And that’s probably the most important part of this blog breakdown, tbh.

Image Representation

SO – at first I made this image because I was stuck in a massive snow storm and admittedly I forgot that Question…? was before Vigilante Shit [I’ve been busy and drowning in anxiety please give me a break lol]. So I created something convenient but finally I had a moment to make the image I actually thought of.

picture me thick as thieves with your ex wife

I am actually a very non-violent person who has been vegan for 12 years because they cannot handle death in any capacity – this photograph is a lie.

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