Hits Different

The nostalgic late 2010s sounding perfect sad pop song that many people still haven’t heard yet- right up there with You set me free – by Michelle Branch.. I’m keeping to myself who this song is probably about – but it actually has super heart breaking lyrics and does have some similar undertones as Cornelia Street. Being an artist myself, I’ve said this many times, but I truly believe song writers borrow experiences and feelings from many different instances and relationships and place them as a full song to slightly exaggerate the experience for a more dramatic undertone as a song [good and bad]. It’s kind of why I think Gorgeous, Dancing with our Hands Tied, Getaway Car, Midnight Rain, Cornelia Street, and so many others are actually about two different people at different times, perfectly summarized as one story line of the same feelings.

I specifically think about some of these stories I’ve read about secret sessions and things she’s said to fans. Though I know that some of these things probably have dual meanings and feelings, or even deeper stories are left secret, I do think that in these cases taking her for the things she says out loud is important.

But just as a normal existing person, there are many things that I have felt, or feel now, that are valid but I can’t speak of them yet until I sort them out in my head first.

Lyrical Interpretation

I washed my hands of us
At the club

Kinda feel this is Bejeweled vibes. Which I’ve stated during that specific writing – going out and reclaiming your worth, gathering attention, is a great distraction from life at home that feels like it’s dying. But this in itself is super relatable. Going out, utilizing toxic distractions to shift our feelings on things we cannot process in the meantime.

You made a mess of me


I pictured you with other girls
In love
Then threw up on the street

Probably one of the most relatable and funny lines she’s written. The thought of someone you love moving on and loving someone else so easily.

Like waiting for a bus
That never shows

I thought I saw you at the bus stop, I didn’t though
-The 1

You just start walking on

With these lines above – waiting for a ride that never shows so you move on – but slowly. Because the ride would be faster, would be easier, would be more enjoyable – but if the ride isn’t available all you have is your own two feet. Slower – but you’ll find your destination eventually.

They say that if it’s right, you know
Each bar plays our song
Nothing has ever felt so wrong

This line kills me, actually. When you are so entirely in love with someone and it feels right to you, but something on their end is holding them back from loving you completely. You don’t sync up – they choose someone else – you are missing something that solves their equation. So you feel like it’s right, everywhere you go reminds you of them, and with the catastrophic ending that changes your landscape, everything is off, wrong and surreal.

Oh my, love is a lie
Shit my friends say to get me by

Oh the days of heartbreak when your friends just try to make you feel better by saying nothing is real any ways so you’ll get over it. lol

It hits different
It hits different this time

Losing a best friend and a romantic partner in one go? It’s a lot.

Catastrophic blues
Moving on was always easy
For me to do

Was it? I’m not sure Taylor – lol – at least musically, no – she’s never moved on easy, but that is song writing. HOWEVER, there are different types and levels of love – and this may be one that is harder than any other to get over because of the deep connection and layers to the relationship.

It hits different, it hits
Different ’cause it’s you

No words, just tears. The person you’ll always love your whole life. Maybe you aren’t in love with them any more, maybe you are bitter with them, maybe you don’t even like them any more, but you’ll always love them – always care for them – always silently cheering them on.

I used to switch out these Kens
I’d just ghost
Rip the band aid off and skip town
Like an asshole outlaw

She didn’t used to put much weight into relationships – she probably put more weight into her profession [hey, midnight rain] then people and guarded her heart fiercely – broke up or got broken up with and just leave and find her new distraction, whether that be people or work.

Freedom felt like summer then
On the coast

If this doesn’t give away who this song is about – then I don’t know what to tell you – lol – this is is definitely about one relationship that has the fandom in shambles. Fun lil road trip.

Now the sun burns my heart and
The sand hurts my feelings

Those places of memories made that haunt us because we feel differently when we see those places now. The places that hold our past feelings captive and are unreachable for us to feel them in the same way as we did prior. Different people, different circumstances, never to be replicated again.

And I never don’t cry at the bar
Yeah, my sadness is contagious
I slur your name til someone puts
Me in a car
I stopped receiving invitations

Ok but this is a beautifully sad visual. Someone not crying at the bar, but holding back their feelings and placing them in a glass. Asking for another drink, looking hurt and pained, speaking drunk about love being a lie and painful, and discussing how this person hurt them. Someone else helping them to the car because they’ve had enough to drink, and need to go home. This person becomes slightly intolerable to the people around them at the moment because they are so fixated on their pain that people stop asking them to go out to drink because they know how the story will go for the night.

I find the artifacts
Cried over a hat

I find things in the house that are yours or hold memories of us.
I cried over at hat is the saddest, most relatable simplistic line. A simple hat – but it holds the weight of the heartbreak.

Cursed the space that I needed

Hating the space you need to heal, because you don’t want to have to heal in the first place.

I trace the evidence
Make it make some sense

Where did it go wrong? Why did it go wrong? Why were you not chosen?

Why the wound is still bleeding

Why does this one hurt more than any one else prior?

You were the one that I loved

Because you were the one that was actually loved fully and completely.

Don’t need another metaphor it’s
Simple enough
A wrinkle in time like the crease
By your eyes

I love that she states she doesn’t need another metaphor, its simple heartbreak, and then proceeds to state a simile lol – like they are any different.. still a comparison, babe.

But she states a vague comparison and pairs it with some thing intimate like knowing about the creases around someone’s eyes. Memorizing people’s facial marks is probably one of the biggest signs of intimacy.

This is why they shouldn’t kill off
The main guy

To be honest, I have no idea what this line has to do with anything. lol
Are you the main guy, Taylor?

But if the story’s over, why am I still writing pages?
– Death by a Thousand Cuts

You know the hero died so what’s the movie for

Dreams of your hair and your
Stare and sense of belief

What must it be like
To grow up that beautiful?
With your hair falling into place like dominos

– Gold Rush

In the good in the world, you once
Believed in me
And I felt you and I held you
For a while

For all the bad in the world, this person made her see the good in it. She believed in this person and they believed in her back. She was her person of comfort, when the world was falling apart, or so it felt, and was able to hold them for a while, until she couldn’t.

Bet I could still melt your world
Argumentative, antithetical
Dream girl

Because of their history, she could mold to be that person again. She could still be there for her if she returned. She could be the things that was loved about her. I’m assuming Taylor was called argumentative and antithetical dream girl by this person, but that is why they loved her.

I heard your key turn in the door
Down the hallway
Is that your key in the door?

Old roommates returning home. Phantom noises returning.

Is it okay?
Is it you?
Or have they come to
Take me away?

Crimson and Scarlet love. Unable to move forward. Because someone else was chosen.

so scarlet, it was (maroon)
– Maroon

So forbidden, it ended.

Photo Representation

Truth is, visually I could do much more with this song – but the fact is – it’s winter here and everything that I am visualizing is not attainable to me lol – so this is what we get

I find the artifacts
Cried over a hat
Cursed the space that I needed
I trace the evidence
Make it make some sense
Why the wound is still bleeding?

Hits Different

P.s the tour merch is cute but feels like it’s already been washed 50 times lol – being honest.
But anyways, later in the summer I want to redo this image stumbling out of a car in the golden light like I was drunk at a bar – when there isn’t an ice storm where I live.

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