Bejeweled – Music Video Analysis

The music video and lyrics of Bejeweled have entirely different feelings and messages to me. The lyrics themselves seem actually rooted in sadness, while attempting to reclaim the life that you built that someone took away. The music video, however, is full of ‘easter eggs’ to the fans, and is quite quirky. I’m going to miss a bunch of clues and fan focused things for sure, but I DO HAVE THINGS TO SAY.

First off the opening scene has the HAIM girls. Which is amazing. The relationship they have formed with Taylor is a breath of fresh air- and behind the scenes they made this tik tok. and it is amazing.

In the background of the first scene, Enchanted is playing in the background. There are many placed clues throughout this video for the Speak Now album – so many people think that’s the next re-record to come.

I personally really like the portrait of Jack in the left hand corner. Very dapper.

During the introduction they talk about a talent show, rather than just showing up and looking hot to win the grand prize. I think this part is actually very important, because the keys to your own castle, I think is the rights to your own music. Specifically because Enchanted is playing in the background, I think Taylor was putting every easter egg in there for fun to hint at these re-records giving her back what she owns “I can reclaim the land.”

This is just funny.

Look how many mommy’s received”
I know this is important and I know it’s about her albums but the colors don’t match up so I’m not really sure the important part of this – but I know it’s there.

If you know, comment. Bless.

She then tells Taylor to “Speak Not” so, yes Taylor loaded this with everything she could, lol.

Then the commentary of Exile, and calling her a Snake. Just all overloaded references to her work and eras.

Followed by the most beautiful portrait of Jack. This is important to me

If you read my other piece on the lyrics of this song, you know I kind of think this first verse is about Karlie – romantic or friend – The shoes I gave you as a present is what has my brain thinking that – and the song Tolerate it seems to be similar in lyrics but a different tone to this song. But also in the next scene, her outfit looks strangely familiar – but I’ll bring that up in a minute.

The cloak make the fans think of Reputation [second reference to this song] and Speak Now, because of the purple [specifically] 3rd floor chosen. But also, the gal likes capes.

I think this frame was weird to include, so I have been staring at it for a while – and was trying to see if the building was relevant. I mean, it is showing her moving, going up, but also made me think about Labyrinth, because

You know how scared I am of elevators
Never trust it if it rises fast
It can’t last

Does she think that this quick rise in fame [yes she has been known for awhile but Taylor said herself these last two years she has blown up in a way that makes her life feel bigger than her] is going to be short lived? The quick jump up in fame being short lived and the world moving on?

A fear she always talks about.

But she also then references her Penthouse of your heart, and typically penthouses are at the top floor so it could be as simple as that, too.

The simplicity of her using her own “nice,” lyric has commentary to the scenery has me actually dying, I love it.

…and in this moment, all the swiftie’s became re-aware we are all not straight.

ok but back to this outfit. and me saying there are overlaps of outfits. This song seems to be ‘retaking the power’ of ourselves [herself], from the people that hurt her. But Taylor does know how to be petty. We love that from her. From the re-record drop digs at Scooter, to her outfit choices, we know she does this and is good at this. So what I would like to point out is the similarity I’ve seen between these two outfits.

This is not an accident.

I do think the I can reclaim the land is about her masters, but also her comeback in the music industry. She hit the top of her peak at 1989 and then went into hiding, produced Reputation, got a lot of hate, put out Lover [still my top fave] and did okay but really blew up by Folklore, and Evermore. This new album is very much pop and something she clearly loves doing, but now she has more fans and more people to please and I think all in all she is trying to prove to herself she can do pop and still be as successful as her folk era. (After I had written this she put out a voice memo explaining she wanted to prove she could go back to pop)

Her walking into this scene during the “I can still say I don’t remember” is very hilarious.

Also Taylor, we get it. You’re hot.

OK but lets talk about the martini scene. This is actually loaded with history and I saw some other fan theories that I loved too – so I’m going to talk about those as well.

First off, Diamonds best friend reference. Taylor is still Bejeweled but with diamonds in this scene. This actually is a historical reference to burlesque and Catherine D’lish which did become a double act. The ‘singing her hit song’ is possibly a reference to Bejeweled but I think it’s a metaphor for the era she is in now. Taking back her masters, reclaiming her work, doing what she does best, which is make music, be petty when she has to, and kick the industries ass.

Another theory I kind of liked was this break free from her cage. She OFTEN uses bird cages and fish bowls to show a stuck, held captive, and prisoner to either her own mind or someone else. I think this theory is a bit of a stretch but I do like both of these ideas that fans came up with because they feel nice lol

Taylor I am still processing this album I do not know if I can handle three more at this very moment.

Again, three. Speak Now? There are so many people taking these things and making them dates, like specifically the 13 in the frame prior, and calling it January, and then this 3 for the 3rd. I don’t necessarily see that because 1 would actually be January. Maybe you could flip it and make it 3.13 – for March? I don’t know I am not much of theory for numbers type of gal.

Unlike her Love Story days in the end she impressed the queen, she won the prince, ghosted the prince but kept the castle.

The castle I think is the rights to her own music, and the three dragons are definitely her cats and I adore that metaphor lol

Guess ill just stumble on home to my cats, alone.

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