Call for Models; Grief

Tell your story

The goal of this project is to discuss grief but focus on the things that keep us going in life. Grief isn’t just a death, it can be loss of a loved job, the breakup of a true friendship, the loss of a home, or it can be the death of a family, friend, or pet [this is always played down in society]. I may not choose every entry to photograph for my project, but I would love to read everyone’s stories.

This project is very vunerable, but for the most part I am aiming to keep faces out of it. If you have lost someone or something and want to be apart of this please fill out the entry form below.

Please fill out the contact below and if you have any questions you can also email me at or follow me on:

**If you are submitting your story you understand that these images will be either in a gallery exhibition, presented online, website and/or social media.

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