Call for Stories

Sexual Abuse / Sexual Assault / And the Political Climate of Being Believed in 2019.

This is a loaded topic.
This is a hard topic.
But this is an important topic.

I am collecting stories and want to meet with people who have had bad experiences, who have felt shamed by another’s violent actions and who have felt as if they were alone in their journey. I am aiming to create a series aimed at these hard topics and representing stories of abandonment, hurt, and aiming to find relief.

I am unaware if these images will include models or if they will be images of comfort items and captions. These captions will not include your name and if I decide to keep humans out of my images, then complete anonymity will remain.

I will want to know these specific things so please write them down and think about them prior to our in person chat:
1. Locations that remind you of bad experiences.
2. Items that you feel comfort you.
3. Hobbies that you do to help overcome feelings that are harmful to your state of mind.

If you are willing to share your story with me – Please fill out the form below.

Thank you ❤
I hear you, I see you, I support you.