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Anti Hero

I am going to focus on this lyrics only of this song for this blogpost, I have created an entirely different blog about the Anti-Hero Music Video. This SONG in general is extremely loaded with metaphors and deep theories about the self – so I’d like to focus on that

Anti Hero – Music Video Analysis

I decided to write a blog only on the music video and will be breaking down this song next week for the lyrics alone. As a swiftie it’s fun to see all of the past eras that Taylor put into this video – most which I’m sure I’ll miss. I


This song is going to have many interpretations… and again I would like to leave speculation out of it but I DO want to reference other songs that could be different interpretations or moments in her life that this song could stem from. In my own personal belief, since watching

Lavender Haze

Continuing my Taylor Swift series, I thought it would be fun to change things up a bit. I love writing and reading art at a more detailed level than just the casual listener or viewer – so I decided to go through the lyrics of each song, dissect it and

Shunning the Anti Hero

Shunning the Anti-Hero; Criticizing those representing their struggle instead of the actual problem itself.

Taylor Swift Series; Midnights

wooowweeee. First – From the first note, first listen, I was blown away by this album.I was freaking RIGHT on my prediction of the deluxe/double album at 3 am – so that made me feel some type of way – but I was wrong about the single. However, I am

Midnights??? Double Release???

Midnights theories, speculations, and anticipation as the album approaches in 10 freaking days.

Art coming soon. ❤

Taylor Swift Series – “Debut” – Re-imagined

Time really has flown by since I was introduced to Taylor. I was 15, she was 16. I blasted “Our Song,” on repeat again and again – and was blown away when Fearless was released. I did photograph the “Debut” era and decided to update my creation to “Our Song,”

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