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Sweet Nothing

The sweetest song in the world. Ironically Calvin Harris does have a song titled this as well. But the lyrics are not sweet – actually quite the opposite [Verse 1]You took my heart and you held it in your mouthAnd with a word, all my love came rushin’ outAnd every


Ok so obviously this song is about Kanye (maybe a lil scooter, too) and it’s the only song I am going to write simply on speculation because I can’t… not. This is actually one of my favorite songs on this album because it’s just fun and if you don’t like

Bejeweled – Music Video Analysis

The music video and lyrics of Bejeweled have entirely different feelings and messages to me. The lyrics themselves seem actually rooted in sadness, while attempting to reclaim the life that you built that someone took away. The music video, however, is full of ‘easter eggs’ to the fans, and is


Listen to Tolerate it, and then Bejeweled and get ready to cry. These songs have similar narratives but different genre and tone. A lot of people hear pop music and discount it for its heartache and seriousness, but the lyrics alone are actually quite sad – but written in a

Vigilante Shit

Hello, so I really don’t have MUCH to say about this song. It’s not really coded and metaphorical like the other songs on Midnights. I do love it, and think it’s a bop, but there just isn’t much depth to the lyrics. We can speculate this song is about Scooter


There are many theories on who this is about – many speculate it is another relationship of a friend of Taylor’s, others speculate its from someone else’s perspective about her, but regardless I’m not really interested in who it’s about. This song isn’t very deep – it is pretty straight

Midnight Rain

Ah, Midnight Rain. This song has so much speculation about it but I do honestly believe in my soul that it is the sequel to Back to December. There are so many overlaps from these two songs that I do think its a more mature and grown up view of

You’re On Your Own, Kid

You’re on your own, kid.

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