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Taylor Swift Series – “Debut” – Re-imagined

Time really has flown by since I was introduced to Taylor. I was 15, she was 16. I blasted “Our Song,” on repeat again and again – and was blown away when Fearless was released. I did photograph the “Debut” era and decided to update my creation to “Our Song,”

Taylor Swift Series; “Cowboy Like Me” & “August”

I finished all of my album recreations and really wanted to focus on selective songs that made me feel or see a specific way. Liv has been my go to for a lot of Taylor Swift projects since we’re both extremely passionate about her, and art. This shoot was actually

Taylor Swift Series; I want your MIDNIGHTS

Time To Clown Swifties – MIDNIGHTS

From Debut to Evermore – A love story from Paige to TS

A very long blog about Taylor Swift, her movement in changing a toxic industry, her impact on her music and the change she has provided in my own life.

Taylor Swift Series; Bleachella [Karma?!]

Karma. Down the Rabbit Hole, we go. In between 1989 and Reputation, before Taylor went into hiding for a year, after the downfall of Kanye and Kim playing her a second time on the internet, Taylor Swift began to show an aesthetic that showcased a ‘rock’ and punk vibe. The

Still in my Lover Era and so is my Cat

31 This year in April I turned 31. I didn’t go all out as the year before – since last year was my golden birthday but I still definitely am in my Lover Vibe. I set up a backdrop – took some photographs – attempted to make a playlist that

Taylor Swift Series; Folklore

All these people think love’s for show but I would die for you in secret “Peace,” ‘Folklore’ Let me first start by saying that I took 48 images for this specific shoot, on film, but half the time I guess my shutter stuck or never opened, because I got 12

Taylor Swift Series; Reputation

BIIGGG REPUTATION. I’ve been looking forward to recreate Reputation for awhile now. The newer Swift fans are either ALL IN on this album or absolutely hate it. The older fans from the beginning understand this era and its necessity to exist, but I’m sure some of them still dislike it.

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