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New Goals. New Findings. Same Body.

We made it friends. We made it to 2022. It’s so weird saying that because most of us feel like we are stuck in 2020 .[Help, I’m still at the restaurantStill sitting in a corner I haunt] So much has happened for me this last year. I addressed my eating

Building Courses and Changing Narratives

My self portrait for my week 46 was going to be aimed at the idea of shame… specifically with being a woman in the world, because we know that patriarchal ideas do not only exist in the United States. However, this week I have been really building my course for


ever have just… SO much to say that you don’t know where to begin? oof. Maybe it’s the release of red [again], or the weather, or overworking myself this season, or SAD, but this week just feels heavy and like a ton of darkness. I have so much to say

Success and the pressures of women over 30

how do you define success? I have a lot of stuff I need to write about. The expectations of women over 30, the toxicity of people thinking weight loss means healthy, but If I stay away from strictly women issues and think about careers for a minute, I think about

Perspective Shift

I’ve been photographing weddings now for about 12 years, and I started photographing about 15 years ago. Obviously the first few years I was growing and was a new beginner, but it’s always interesting to evaluate what you cherished when you began a hobby. I never used to take the

Fck the industries

I feel a little broken this week [and last] and I said I’d keep it real during this self portrait project- so that’s what I am doing today. I always see comments from people in the fitness industry shitting on the body positive movement. It makes me mad for many

You aren’t the exception

When you constantly speak to the masses about growth, trial and error, and your own journey – you get caught up in this performative ‘look I’m growing’ style of speaking. The truth is, you are allowed to have bad days. Not everything you post has to be inspirational. Not everything

The facade of Acceptance

Two weeks ago I was in Montana, Wyoming and Utah for a week. My IBS really flared up, and I didn’t have my hypothyroidism pills because I forgot to fill them before my trip. I spent every day hiking 13-15 miles, eating a cup oatmeal for breakfast, a small pb&j

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