FiveLBS is about the unattainable body image represented in mass media. The ideal body is manipulated physically and digitally to create an ideal body to be admired by societal members. Through advertisements, social media and popular culture mediums, society is bombarded with idealized versions of people, which may cause specific members of society to take action on their own bodies to recreate the façade they see daily.

Images that society sees within advertisements are designed to sell products, as well as ideas and information that seem like it can be beneficial to the viewer’s lives. Since people see these images often, the aesthetic has made its way into social media as people place images with their own objectives for others to gaze upon. The captions to these images may not fully reflect the truth or may be misleading to create the idea of perfection and read just as advertisements.

The twenty-first century is loaded with fitness and body ideal imagery everywhere, which causes self-doubt among most people in society. The number five, speaking in poundage, is always used as a bench mark to determine how “well” someone is doing or is used to converse how much weight is lost or gained on a human being. Through dedication, starvation, working out, or natural processes our bodies will reach different weights at different paces. However, when people focus solely on numbers, they have a risk of losing more than the weight itself.

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