HUMAN – An Ongoing Series by Apaige Photography

I created this project with a mindset of political resistance.
I was and am mad about the diversion of our country, the separation of families, and the outright racist comments that are being allowed in America, today.

I am photographing different genders, races, sexual identities, sexual preferences, and trying to get a large range of people to represent humans in America. Obviously I am confined to Grand Rapids, Michigan, so I am reaching out as far as I can to achieve this difference.

These quotes are taken from the recordings, in which I re-listen to again and again while I take notes, to really find the perfect one. 

When all images are up in a space, it is my intention that the viewer will automatically see the difference in gender, race, and sexuality, however, that none of the models are labeled by those things. Instead they are labeled as Human qualities: first names, age, sex, characteristic, and opinion. They are not labeled their race, their sexuality, their preference for who they love. 

We are human. We need to co-exist as humans. We need to treat humans as humans. And as an animal advocate I firmly believe if we do not treat humans as humans, we will not see the advancement of how society treats innocent animals. 

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