Sunday Morning

The art of the ‘selfie’ – or at least the facade of it.

Social media, all around us, is composed of false advertising. This isn’t just companies, but people as well. Have you ever gone on Instagram, and have seen profiles that are always so perfect, beautiful, clean, and flawless? It’s obnoxious, but it’s also not real.
Life is messy. People are messy. Situations are not perfect. No one has the perfect love, relationship, no body has flawless white walls on every corner with just the right amount of minimal decor that accentuates their ‘creative mind.’ Because somewhere, in the corner of a bathroom may be a dust bunny that is never shown. Sometimes, people get worn out, and maybe that perfectly organized office looks like 4 tornados have struck right down the middle of it.

We take a selfie, we take another selfie, we take 6 more selfies out of frustration. We change our clothes, we repeat the process. We finally find one that is acceptable. We begin to post process. We edit. We filter. We caption with something so simple – like there was barely an effort. We know the truth. Your followers are blind. And that level of perfection just thrown out there because of our attempt to be perfect? Further enhances the unattainable life, body image, and perfection that is that more out of reach.

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