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Sunday Morning

Hey Y’all. I have a new video I have been working on. I have to add some sound to it, but I’m not exactly sure what that sound needs to be. I have an idea of the acoustics that may show this perpetual cycle of trial and error and unhappiness

Photoshop me

I’m in the middle of compiling a new video that focuses on the unattainable goal – as well as the unrealistic qualities and frustration that occurs within that same realm that is hardly discussed in advertising. Fitness Industries in particular constantly throw this idea out there of what a good


Throughout our lives, we are told to be ‘normal,’ to ‘fit in,’ and to ‘tone it down’ when we decide to show our weirdness. As you get older, there is a part of that, that is let go. However, it seems everything we do is filtered. Online, we filter our

Confined; Video Update

Updated Video with New Audio by Me (was quite the experience)   Our culture has created an obsession with being perfect, thin, strong, curvy; but why? We can claim that these opposite and contradictory labels are stemmed from current society – but what if it is much deeper than that?

Be like the Gods

  Recently I have been researching a ton about the past of the gymnasium. The ideal body of perfection isn’t something that is new, in fact, it began around 735 BCE. This idea of perfection was shunned, actually, for a few reasons after Christianity made its presence into culture. I


Darkness cannot drive out darkness only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.

Feminism and veganism part two

Need I say more?   Dairy industry and mothers please watch this video. open your eyes. Open your mind.

Video Blog: Intro to Veganism #1

Had a few people ask me about my journey to veganism. So… this is a thing. As I continue my MFA and MA studies in visual and critical studies I will be using this website much more often. So here’s a video and my brief journey and why I am

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