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Dear Reader

We made it – the last track on the Midnights Album. Or I thought – and then she released ‘You’re Losing Me,’ and now I absolutely have to make a blog that discusses all of the lyrical parallels and have to make another image. This song is actually my favorite

Champagne Problems

I got to photograph one of my friends – and create her Era’s Tour outfit! Sneak the video for Details – Scrolllll for the photographs ❤ Karma’s gonna track you down, step by step, from town to town.


Nathan Makin all of my friends do an inspired Taylor era at some point. Here are a few of my favorite images from Nathan’s 1989 shoot – although I have to admit, they are a bit Lover inspired as well, with a few more Folklore styled edits on others. Overall

High Infidelity

Besides adoring this song melodically, lyrically I think this song has many story lines within it. I’m going to bring up three different instances throughout this breakdown that are definitely options to how to read this song, but like most of the songs on this album it’s obvious she is

The Great War

First off, during the cHaOtiC release of the 3am edition of Midnights, I was fucking right about more songs coming at 3am and I am still riding that high [lol]. I had my whole swiftie group convinced I was right and thank god — I was for once. The Great


I do giggle when I listen to Invisible String, and then Mastermind back to back – because – they tell opposite stories [lol] but there IS some overlap with the discussion of fate. There are a LOT of overlap of lines to past songs, however, that link to this one…


Lost in the Labyrinth of my mind.

Hits Different

I find the artifacts
Cried over a hat
Cursed the space that I needed
I trace the evidence
Make it make some sense
Why the wound is still bleeding?

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