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Somewhere in Between

32 I am somewhere in between “I DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU BUT I’M FEELIN’ 32” and “32 and still growing up now” 31 was hands down the worst, hardest year of my life. Not because anything significantly wrong happened to me, but it was the year of awakening to how


I do giggle when I listen to Invisible String, and then Mastermind back to back – because – they tell opposite stories [lol] but there IS some overlap with the discussion of fate. There are a LOT of overlap of lines to past songs, however, that link to this one…


Listen to Tolerate it, and then Bejeweled and get ready to cry. These songs have similar narratives but different genre and tone. A lot of people hear pop music and discount it for its heartache and seriousness, but the lyrics alone are actually quite sad – but written in a

You’re On Your Own, Kid

You’re on your own, kid.

Snow On The Beach

My apologies on the delay on this one. I had many personal life things come up and I just could not grapple with it all at the same time. In reviewing this song, it’s interesting because the lyrics alone – read like a poem – feel entirely different from the

Anti Hero – Music Video Analysis

I decided to write a blog only on the music video and will be breaking down this song next week for the lyrics alone. As a swiftie it’s fun to see all of the past eras that Taylor put into this video – most which I’m sure I’ll miss. I

Shunning the Anti Hero

Shunning the Anti-Hero; Criticizing those representing their struggle instead of the actual problem itself.

Taylor Swift Series; Midnights

wooowweeee. First – From the first note, first listen, I was blown away by this album.I was freaking RIGHT on my prediction of the deluxe/double album at 3 am – so that made me feel some type of way – but I was wrong about the single. However, I am

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