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Nathan Makin all of my friends do an inspired Taylor era at some point. Here are a few of my favorite images from Nathan’s 1989 shoot – although I have to admit, they are a bit Lover inspired as well, with a few more Folklore styled edits on others. Overall


Paris is one of the most catchiest songs on the 3am Edition of Midnights. I love this song because it’s filled with so many metaphors and has a bit of Mastermind in it. I love the idea of if your love is real there’s no need to post it on


People who are obsessed with False God – should be obsessed with this song. It’s definitely the same vibes – same sexual sounding composition and vocals. I am slightly going out of order of tracks but Paris I have something planned but it needs to be okay weather at night


I do giggle when I listen to Invisible String, and then Mastermind back to back – because – they tell opposite stories [lol] but there IS some overlap with the discussion of fate. There are a LOT of overlap of lines to past songs, however, that link to this one…


Lost in the Labyrinth of my mind.

Sweet Nothing

The sweetest song in the world. Ironically Calvin Harris does have a song titled this as well. But the lyrics are not sweet – actually quite the opposite [Verse 1]You took my heart and you held it in your mouthAnd with a word, all my love came rushin’ outAnd every

Hits Different

I find the artifacts
Cried over a hat
Cursed the space that I needed
I trace the evidence
Make it make some sense
Why the wound is still bleeding?


There are many theories on who this is about – many speculate it is another relationship of a friend of Taylor’s, others speculate its from someone else’s perspective about her, but regardless I’m not really interested in who it’s about. This song isn’t very deep – it is pretty straight

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