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Dear Reader

We made it – the last track on the Midnights Album. Or I thought – and then she released ‘You’re Losing Me,’ and now I absolutely have to make a blog that discusses all of the lyrical parallels and have to make another image. This song is actually my favorite

Somewhere in Between

32 I am somewhere in between “I DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU BUT I’M FEELIN’ 32” and “32 and still growing up now” 31 was hands down the worst, hardest year of my life. Not because anything significantly wrong happened to me, but it was the year of awakening to how

Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve

This song is the more truthful version of Dear John. Now that she can see things clearly from an older perspective, we get more of a ruthless, honest take from her. Something that I think is absolutely fascinating is the idea that would’ve could’ve are in the verses of this

Bigger than the Whole Sky

When this song first came out many people took it to be about one specific topic. Trigger warning: this post will talk about loss, miscarriage, and other types of grief. As someone who has spent about two years making specific work about grief, this song felt very important lyrically. Sometimes


I do giggle when I listen to Invisible String, and then Mastermind back to back – because – they tell opposite stories [lol] but there IS some overlap with the discussion of fate. There are a LOT of overlap of lines to past songs, however, that link to this one…

Bejeweled – Music Video Analysis

The music video and lyrics of Bejeweled have entirely different feelings and messages to me. The lyrics themselves seem actually rooted in sadness, while attempting to reclaim the life that you built that someone took away. The music video, however, is full of ‘easter eggs’ to the fans, and is

To Fail is to Try

You won’t be liked by everyone. Some may think you are too much or not enough. Others will say you are too loud or too quiet. If you wear your heart on your sleeve people will say you are too emotional, sensitive, empathetic… but none of these things are flaws

You’re On Your Own, Kid

You’re on your own, kid.

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