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Reach Out

I’ve had a few wins over the last week I really wanted to discuss. Two of them have nothing to do with me personally, but impacts of my presence online. The other things definitely are about me [lol]. I did a 30 day challenge involving movement. It wasn’t aimed at

call it what you want

For this 18/52 week it was my birthday, my golden birthday, I should say. Typically every year I have a mental breakdown on it – it’s not that I’m getting older, necessarily, but more so that life is going by so fast. I miss the days of cuddling with my

The diagnosis

Anorexia Nervosa. Never in my life did I think that word would be written next to my name on a bill, on a therapist note, or even linked to me at all. I think and reflect on the moments that brought me to where I am at today. The comments

The lows

Recovery isn’t all that glamourous. Some days I’ll be talking to my therapist and be thinking, “I really don’t need to be here,” “she’s saying everything I already know,” “I think I have the tools to move forward now,” and then days like today happen. I’m usually pretty good about

A reflection on the year; the movements, and self awareness during the pandemic

What the fuck was that, right? This year we have been split into two radical groups. This year has felt like we have been polarized, and we have to a point, but also we have been unified in misery [lol] and navigating this strange time together. As mentioned before, I

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