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Power of the People

Le Sigh. So, first off, let me say that “our president” is a downright idiot. That’s not new to you? oh, sorry. (haha, I’m kidding I’ve been aware for awhile, I did not vote for him). There are many things I need to jot down today. After the shooting in

Sunday Morning

The art of the ‘selfie’ – or at least the facade of it. Social media, all around us, is composed of false advertising. This isn’t just companies, but people as well. Have you ever gone on Instagram, and have seen profiles that are always so perfect, beautiful, clean, and flawless?


Since the election I’ve been on facebook more than I prefer. But I guess it’s because I’m heartbroken, and when I’m heartbroken I spill my emotions out like a bucket of liquid waiting to get knocked over in the dark.  In these last few months, I have been trying to keep

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