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Peanut Butter ‘n Jelly

HELLO LOVELY THINKERS So something has been on my mind, what’s new, due to social media and people just blatantly saying what they think without actually thinking. What is this post about? The desperation to be married, as if it is an accomplishment. It’s not, by the way. Being a

Guns Vs Knives

You were born into this world. You didn’t choose your race, your species. You didn’t choose your family, your mother. You were just born. The moment you were born, you felt your mom care for you. Maybe in an industrial place, maybe in a cozy setting. Maybe you felt the

Paper Towels

So. I’m a pretty laid back vegan. When I say that, I mean, it has taken me a long time to not get pissed off at people for knowing about situations of other animals (or humans for that matter) and completely just ignore them on purpose. My husband is guilty

Coffee is my drug.

The world has got me down lately… and I don’t necessarily mean because there is ‘so much death’ going on, because in reality, that has always gone on. People have always killed each other out of malice, jealousy or hatred. That’s not new. In fact, death isn’t a new thing

Doors with Windows

Life is Frustrating Shocker. There have been a lot of things that have just pissed me off lately. With our world. With our society. Just everything. On a personal level I feel like I am the only business that responds to people ASAP. Like all of these other businesses that

Cats and Laffy Taffy

So Unfortunately I can’t ignore the world and what is going on. But I am not going to get into the details of events… mostly rage about the people that talk about these events. Luckily, opinions aren’t qualified or even recognized by the academic academy as true knowledge, or even

Earl Grey

I decided to make my titles, not related to anything I am going to talk about. This post is going to be more of a thinking out loud process, but it’s not too internally deep. I just want to talk about it. Timing. It’s weird how in life, timing is

Yeah, but have you tried cookies in coffee?

I don’t know what it is about grad school But every day I am more proud of who I have become. Example: Last night one of my friends on Facebook posted this (without really thinking it through, like we all do, and then later are like, “shit.”) Now to be

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