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So this is a topic I often discuss in my theory papers for my own work. It’s something that is very close to me. A back story about me, I weighed 120 pounds maximum until I was 20. I ate what I wanted to, I only ran maybe 20 minutes


Shutter. No one likes this topic. Luckily, I’m not going to go into anything political… Just wanted to read off some stats that I found were repulsive and astounding at the same time. These are taken from The Beauty Myth, as well as other articles I have read. Our problem


Yeah, sex. This isn’t about me personally, don’t be mistaken by my title. It is in fact, about some ideas of women, and themselves, that society has altered and made terrible for women. The Beauty Myth, is a fantastic book that puts these realities into perspective. 65 percent of women

Concerts and Events

Weird Topic. I apologize, I’m sitting alone in a gallery and the only thing I can think of to entertain myself is to write about the vast amount of things that come into my head. I go to concerts often. And you ask, what type of concerts? Well I love

Body Image – The Truth Behind A Girl

Body Image You say that one word and can think of a variety of things. How do I know this? While being in art school, my work, is in fact, in a vague category of Body Image. However, it’s different from the media or how other artists present it. See,

Words of a Theory Student

Oh, hi. So I realized, in this life, there is nothing I love to do, more than discuss deeper topics. Maybe topics that confuse me. Maybe topics that I don’t fully understand, but I realize I like to do this, and no one else enjoys it. I love to write.

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