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Power of the People

Le Sigh. So, first off, let me say that “our president” is a downright idiot. That’s not new to you? oh, sorry. (haha, I’m kidding I’ve been aware for awhile, I did not vote for him). There are many things I need to jot down today. After the shooting in

Feminist Theory and Advertising

Feminist Theory and Advertisements Visual Studies Ashley Paige Young “The female body is constantly subjected to the judgmental gaze. Whether it be the gaze of a medic who defines the body as healthy or diseased, or the connoisseur who defines it as beautiful or ugly, the female body is caught

Sunday Morning

Hey Y’all. I have a new video I have been working on. I have to add some sound to it, but I’m not exactly sure what that sound needs to be. I have an idea of the acoustics that may show this perpetual cycle of trial and error and unhappiness

Sloppy Joe 

As I continue in life I feel myself becoming more passionate, much stronger, and much more independent. Not just mentally, but also about certain topics. The amount of anxiety I have about the things I stand for, is too much at some times. The end all be all thought I

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