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Power of the People

Le Sigh. So, first off, let me say that “our president” is a downright idiot. That’s not new to you? oh, sorry. (haha, I’m kidding I’ve been aware for awhile, I did not vote for him). There are many things I need to jot down today. After the shooting in

Big Business.

I started this website with the full intention of it being a blog. Then it progressively became my artist website. However, I am not ashamed who I am, and I do not believe in centering who I am. Mass shootings are pretty often in the United States. This is something

Good Little Link by The Oatmeal Today



Y’all. If you are reading this from outside of the United States, know that we are all also terrified, also scared for the environment, and have no idea why this is happening. I.E. TRUMP SAYING THE WHITE HOUSEĀ IS EXEMPT FROM ETHICS? WTF

Sunday Morning

The art of the ‘selfie’ – or at least the facade of it. Social media, all around us, is composed of false advertising. This isn’t just companies, but people as well. Have you ever gone on Instagram, and have seen profiles that are always so perfect, beautiful, clean, and flawless?

Photoshop me V2

I havent really come up with a true title of this piece yet, however I finished my GRAD MFA video today. I didn’t think that 30 seconds really added up to the amount of frustration I have with this issue.. so I made it 30 seconds longer. The additional 30

Photoshop me

I’m in the middle of compiling a new video that focuses on the unattainable goal – as well as the unrealistic qualities and frustration that occurs within that same realm that is hardly discussed in advertising. Fitness Industries in particular constantly throw this idea out there of what a good


Throughout our lives, we are told to be ‘normal,’ to ‘fit in,’ and to ‘tone it down’ when we decide to show our weirdness. As you get older, there is a part of that, that is let go. However, it seems everything we do is filtered. Online, we filter our

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