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A Call for Empathy

My history is a journey, as it is for all people. I write this not out of expectation that my life is any big revelation, but as being apart of the small 20% of the population that actually feels empathy in every capacity –  I try to provide a full

Building Courses and Changing Narratives

My self portrait for my week 46 was going to be aimed at the idea of shame… specifically with being a woman in the world, because we know that patriarchal ideas do not only exist in the United States. However, this week I have been really building my course for

Success and the pressures of women over 30

how do you define success? I have a lot of stuff I need to write about. The expectations of women over 30, the toxicity of people thinking weight loss means healthy, but If I stay away from strictly women issues and think about careers for a minute, I think about

COVID 19 and Healthcare

We really are living in the strangest of times. But it’s all really been planned [besides covid]. However, in the era of a pandemic, Trump has laid the groundwork for his gaslighting – to actually successfully gaslight his base without their knowledge. When Trump was put into office from the

Sunday Morning

The art of the ‘selfie’ – or at least the facade of it. Social media, all around us, is composed of false advertising. This isn’t just companies, but people as well. Have you ever gone on Instagram, and have seen profiles that are always so perfect, beautiful, clean, and flawless?

Photoshop me V2

I havent really come up with a true title of this piece yet, however I finished my GRAD MFA video today. I didn’t think that 30 seconds really added up to the amount of frustration I have with this issue.. so I made it 30 seconds longer. The additional 30

Photoshop me

I’m in the middle of compiling a new video that focuses on the unattainable goal – as well as the unrealistic qualities and frustration that occurs within that same realm that is hardly discussed in advertising. Fitness Industries in particular constantly throw this idea out there of what a good

Confined; Video Update

Updated Video with New Audio by Me (was quite the experience)   Our culture has created an obsession with being perfect, thin, strong, curvy; but why? We can claim that these opposite and contradictory labels are stemmed from current society – but what if it is much deeper than that?

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