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Sweet Nothing

The sweetest song in the world. Ironically Calvin Harris does have a song titled this as well. But the lyrics are not sweet – actually quite the opposite [Verse 1]You took my heart and you held it in your mouthAnd with a word, all my love came rushin’ outAnd every

From Debut to Evermore – A love story from Paige to TS

A very long blog about Taylor Swift, her movement in changing a toxic industry, her impact on her music and the change she has provided in my own life.

Taylor Swift Series; Fearless

Fearless. What an incredible nostalgic memory this album was when it was re-released. Again, although these re-releases are simply for ownership, many people who aren’t stans don’t really understand why all of us older millennials are freaking out about all of these re-recordings. Music is amazing because of the fact

Taylor Swift Series; Lover

After Red, I photographed Lover. One of my FAVORITE albums is this one. When Folklore came out, those of us who completely adored this album, we had too much to process… lol. This album is special to me for many reasons, but I’m going to hold on to all of

Taylor Swift Series; Red

Continuing on my series, the next shoot I got to photograph was Red!! For this specific shoot Chelsea and I decided to do a few different looks. The first was the original vibes of when Red was released and her album art. We wanted to show her old art while

Taylor Swift Series; Debut

HELLLO! So for 2022 I started a few projects which I’ve been updating their pages but never got around to blogging some of this stuff individually. I started a more series line of work about grief to encourage discussion of what grief is. We have this wild perception that grief

Call It What You Want; a birthday tribute to my Swift Series

For this week it was my birthday, my golden birthday, I should say. Typically every year I have a mental breakdown on it – it’s not that I’m getting older, necessarily, but more so that life is going by so fast. I miss the days of cuddling with my mom,

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