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People who are obsessed with False God – should be obsessed with this song. It’s definitely the same vibes – same sexual sounding composition and vocals. I am slightly going out of order of tracks but Paris I have something planned but it needs to be okay weather at night

Bigger than the Whole Sky

When this song first came out many people took it to be about one specific topic. Trigger warning: this post will talk about loss, miscarriage, and other types of grief. As someone who has spent about two years making specific work about grief, this song felt very important lyrically. Sometimes

The Great War

First off, during the cHaOtiC release of the 3am edition of Midnights, I was fucking right about more songs coming at 3am and I am still riding that high [lol]. I had my whole swiftie group convinced I was right and thank god — I was for once. The Great

Sweet Nothing

The sweetest song in the world. Ironically Calvin Harris does have a song titled this as well. But the lyrics are not sweet – actually quite the opposite [Verse 1]You took my heart and you held it in your mouthAnd with a word, all my love came rushin’ outAnd every

Bejeweled – Music Video Analysis

The music video and lyrics of Bejeweled have entirely different feelings and messages to me. The lyrics themselves seem actually rooted in sadness, while attempting to reclaim the life that you built that someone took away. The music video, however, is full of ‘easter eggs’ to the fans, and is

Hits Different

I find the artifacts
Cried over a hat
Cursed the space that I needed
I trace the evidence
Make it make some sense
Why the wound is still bleeding?

To Fail is to Try

You won’t be liked by everyone. Some may think you are too much or not enough. Others will say you are too loud or too quiet. If you wear your heart on your sleeve people will say you are too emotional, sensitive, empathetic… but none of these things are flaws

You’re On Your Own, Kid

You’re on your own, kid.

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