our pasts sometimes grab us and hold us captive. they keep us from speaking out, they keep us from moving on. sometimes, they play mind games with us, and make us believe trauma was made up in our heads. we compare our experiences to others and begin to believe that maybe our trauma was not all that bad, because it cannot compare to someone else’s. we create victim scales and we disregard ourselves as a victim.

undefined explores the stories of nine people who have suffered trauma in their life. each individual remains anonymous, as they share their story with the world. their stories are told, some more vague than others, in their own personal books. with these books come trauma, images of items that comforted them through the experience or items they still have to use today. this trauma that could have occurred only once, replays in heads for entire lives, it is something someone cannot just simply ‘get over,’ but it can be owned.

the exhibition has aspects of white noise, noise that cannot be controlled, noise that sometimes helps people escape trauma, and other times can trigger memories. the noises heard are the background noises in which show the noises in the background of where i spoke to them. sometimes, this was the first time they had told their story, to me. confrontation.

the images on the wall reflect nostalgic imagery that showcases letting go. moving on. not necessarily forgetting, since it could never be forgotten, but overcoming, owning, and never being ashamed. these stories do not end, but strength can prevail. this pain can be turned into helping others, learning about ourselves, building stronger relationships afterward, and letting life go on without the shackles from our past.

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