Video Work


In 2016, I began to change my work into video art along with installations instead of just photographs. In most of my videos I use still imagery to combine and type of lag, a disconnect between reality and the illusion of reality.

All of my work deals with body image, weightlifting, or some sort of obsession between the two. The idea of body building surely isn’t a new one, in fact, the Greek culture began this is in the century of 700 BCE, and considered it as a place of almost worship as they pursued to be like the Gods, heroes, and demi-gods.

Shortly after Christianity was introduced, the ways of the gym were far and few in between. Many shifts of religion happened within that time, but around 1935, Santa Monica began to show it’s place with bodybuilding competitions on the shores of the beach, as the depression hit many people hard.

Today, many are rejecting the idea of religion, but also, many are picking up the habits of the ancient Greek and Rome culture. The obsession re-occurs throughout history, and is almost becoming another place that takes place of religion or organized faith. The obsession to be the best of the best in a world full of 9 billion people is where my video art touches, and the idea of the gym as religion is where my installations touch on as subject.

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