Physical Vs Psychological

In May of 2015, I decided to completely engulf myself into a bodybuilding work out and diet planning plan. I switched my normal meal plan to one that contains 5 meals, 2 work out shakes, as well as 6 work outs a week instead of 4/5. For the last 4 years I have had severe issues with weight gain and weight loss. I can get down to 140 and after a few months, of no cheating, and not switching up my work out programs, I can be back at 160/165 with ease.

It gets pretty frustrating, and BDD doesn’t help any cause either. However, I decided to think about why we feel the need to obtain perfection. Why do we feel the need to come off a certain way physically? With myself, my images I see of myself are somewhat foreign to me, and I do not associate them with me, although I know they are. However, how come I am discouraged when I see these images and not proud?

The new lifestyle switch, included having to continuously record myself working out, so my trainer can check my form from another state, and I also must photograph my progress, because it’s easy to believe you are not getting any where without tangible evidence. So, after 9 months of doing this, I had 300/400 videos of myself working out, and was curious of how they would be seen together.

This work is honing on on the obsessive element that is produced within society to look a certain way. When our friends begin to change their diets and see progression or change, we begin to wonder if we should do the same. If we are losing weight, we don’t feel as if we can post something or capture ourselves and show it off to others unless we have, in fact, had a drastic change.
A lot of this consumes us, creates obsession in obtaining the perfect body, and creates this psychological, and physical continuous cycle of unhappiness.

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