COVID 19 and Healthcare

We really are living in the strangest of times. But it’s all really been planned [besides covid]. However, in the era of a pandemic, Trump has laid the groundwork for his gaslighting – to actually successfully gaslight his base without their knowledge.

When Trump was put into office from the electoral college, the first thing he loved to repetitively speak about was the ‘fake news media.’ Now, there are bias companies like CNN and FOX, yes, but there is a difference between the two. CNN does place statistics and research into their broadcasts, but FOX ignores all of that. FOX actually doesn’t even label themselves as a news source, but an entertainment source, which also I think is critical to point out. The difference on topics these channels both display at the same time is quite a difference. Even recently during the release of Trumps [non-paying] taxes, every news channel was discussing it, however, FOX chose to focus on ‘riots’ and the ‘crazy left,’ I went into a bit of that in my last blog, but just so we all are on the same page, yes riots happen but a very small percentage. Over 90 percent of the protests are peaceful, and here in Grand Rapids, the people that were actually charged with rioting and destruction of property were white, and had another agenda but took advantage of the situation [no bueno]. Now obviously that’s not the case in every city, but it’s also incredibly important to point out that BLM, ‘antifa’ otherwise known as anti-fascism, has never killed a person, while white supremacy has obviously killed hundreds of thousands, if we include its dark past.

So the difference of news channels and what they choose to cover is huge. FOX news in my eyes, has further divided this country by not ever showcasing the truth, or the full both sides to its viewers. It creates a very bias base, and a very limited perspective. On that same topic of rioting and looting, we can mention that a store was broken into and stolen from – we can mention the destruction of walls, but what is equally as important to mention is this :
1. Most of the time if places are ‘set on fire’ by frustrated rioters, they research who owns it. BLM – it’s true advocators would never burn down a POC owned store.
2. From all of the research I have personally read, people make sure nobody is in the stores or places of business while this is occurring. In the end people DO NOT want others to die, they want to stir up outrage, because again ‘no justice, no peace.’ [refer back to my old blog about the context of peaceful protests not necessarily being the factor of change while unfortunately destruction is].
3. A lot of these places started go fund me’s and because people wanted to feel like they are making a difference either for or against the rioting, businesses have acquired a lot of money and help replacing materials and walls. But do you see the importance of this? Buildings and materials can be replaced but people’s lives cannot.

Without mentioning these three things, and many others, you stir up anger in a base without actually giving a good full context on what this means. However, that base arguably is not good at rational and critical thought and sadly I think our entire nation, both left and right are losing it. People read and believe what they want fits their agenda. They pick and choose the information that fits that narrative and ignore the rest.

So those are the mainstream sources, but what about AP Press, the Intercept, NPR. It’s no doubt that these sources are a bit more.. educated than all of the others. Arguably the best journalism comes from smaller local newspapers, and are fact checked by these bigger sources and published. It’s also where CNN and FOX do get their material. I personally only subscribe to these sources, but again, the language that for instance the Intercept uses, is a bit above some people’s heads just due to lack of higher education. HOWEVER, it is the most middle ground information you can get. I don’t watch CNN or FOX. Sometimes I glance at them to see what their main talking points are like, but typically I start my day with NPR. However all three of these sources are factual, scientific resources. Trump isn’t a fan of statistics, science and truth – so this is where it gets important.

Trump screams daily that the news is fake. If it doesn’t work in his favor; fake. If they point out the language he used is harmful; fake. If they point out and hold his ‘executive orders’ accountable and what it means for the public; fake. Because he has routinely screamed this- his believers take his word over several, several sources. This is super dangerous, but do not be fooled, this was his entire plan. The moment COVID started he used this gaslighting to his advantage. When scientists are screaming about COVID being more deadly than the cold, Trump just had to say it wasn’t and that the scientists have political motive.. which isn’t true. Never in my life did I think that science and belief in it meant you were a part of the Democratic party, but now that’s kind of the blanket end all be all we’ve come to. Now we know this isn’t fully true, there are Republicans that do believe in science, but the over all generalization is not that.

Trump contracting virus

Recently Trump got diagnosed with COVID. Now we’ll never know if this is fully true. We’ll never know what happened in the hospital. We’ll never know if it was a stunt to use masculinity and domination as his motive to tell people that we can and should open the economy because ‘he beat it so you can too,’ or if he actually did contract it and is now using it for votes. But we do know this – the company that he used with experimental treatment uses stem cell research.

They placed this letter based on their research out in April about their new experimental drug that he took. Because it says ’embryonic’, we can assume that means embryos, meaning fetuses. This is part of the ‘ill run off a cliff for you’ gaslighting Trump has really sewn in his base. Because if they truly are PRO LIFE, they would be outraged at this, not defending this false prophet who clearly isn’t ‘pro life’ at all [in many ways but well stick to the baby talk for now]. What is even more fucked up is the idea that someone can get a million dollar healthcare, experimental treatment, only pay 750 taxes a year and then release this statement:

“Don’t be afraid of it, don’t let it dominate you, we have the best resources, medicine and doctors” all while understanding he is trying to take away ACA and healthcare from millions, which he already has.

Because this is the truth: even if this idea of domination of the virus, not being ‘weak,’ and leaning on our healthcare and doctors were a thing, most people do not have accessibility to the healthcare he received. So with the discussion of really wanting a conservative judge who has come out against ACA but also has no other true back up plan for our healthcare system.. its a problem.

But along the lines of this is masculinity being defined by not wearing a mask? During the debate [if you can call it that] Trump literally made fun of Biden for always wearing a mask? And then people from the right have been tweeting shit like this… which is really wild.

By the way, speaking of healthcare, Throughline has an amazing episode [podcast] that discusses how our healthcare system came to be for-profit and how it was a temporary solution to a larger problem.. and how it never did shift. It came close – but never made it there. Which is why ACA has so many cracks in it, because the things that were supposed to get into it were denied by the Republicans in the senate, so it’s a broken system that needs a lot of work, but it will not get better until its invested in.

So much has happened this week so many there is a lot to go over. So, Trump got COVID, Fox covered it like it was a super sad event but at least they talked about the pandemic for an hour… for once. He went to the hospital and got an experimental treatment, and is now on steroids. He went for a lil joy ride to show his followers he was ‘okay’ which actually just put more people at risk to get covid and again was all about him and no one else. Again this was probably a staged event to use this as a political gain later so that way he can say “Im old and obese and I didnt die!” But also, he had top of the line healthcare which many do not.. and many do die [over 205k to be exact].

After that he is placed on steroids and manic tweeted on those steroids, “DEMOCRATS WANNA END UR HEALTHCARE, VOTE” [not true].

He later on, within the day, completely deleted all of these tweets, but they existed [lol]. Shortly after that he went back to the White house, walked up the stairs, kind of huffed and puffed, and took off his mask. While he says he is fine, he looked pretty strained for breath which is what COVID does, and it’s extremely painful. Some people I know who have ‘dominated’ the virus are still having symptoms and a hard time breathing months later.

And lastly, just last night he manic tweeted about making sure there was no more discussion on a stimulus bill for the economy and for our citizens. This was blatantly hurtful to everyone, even his base. But basically said he wanted to focus on getting Barrett into the supreme court office, which again, if he actually thinks he is going to win, then that could be post poned, because filling that seat is not as important as citizens putting food on their tables. And in 2016 we went several months with 8 judges because of the refusal to let Obama fill the seat in his last year [the h y p o c r i s y].
Shortly after that the stock market crashed, and people rose up with their anger and concern. Several hours later he took back his statement saying “democrats come to me with a straight forward bill and ill pass it so i can send my name on checks to the american people.”

So now we are using this to get votes. I am ready to sign. It’s me. It has nothing to do with anything else. Yes a few other stimulus bills got turned down by dems but it was simply because they included many breaks for corporations and zero for the american public. I also, am frustrated with bills being loaded with shit, just do stand alone bills – don’t try to alter anything else… I can get behind that.. but for every scenario.

And one extra point of why DT is terrible, more gaslighting. Tonight is Kamala and Pence’s debate… Trump has been tweeting like a lunatic today, but this tweet… lolol

The left hates Kamala because she is in fact, middle ground and is a Cop. So this.. is just not true. But of course, he only spreads hate and breitbart / fox articles to his fans and people eat that shit up. More deflection.

I miss days when a tan suit was controversial and was the most crazy thing the news had to share.

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